Sales of Chemistry and Various Books Online with You

Sale of Chemistry and Various Books Online. We are bringing a work that will be the first in Turkey before you!!
We Will Start Selling Chemistry or More Various Books on the Internet….
2nd Hand or New Books Doesn't Make Any Difference.
If You Are The Sellers Here, You Can Find The Books, Notes, etc. You Have In Your Hands. You Will Sell Many Products Here….
We have thought of a very reliable and comfortable system for both buyers and sellers….

Let me briefly explain the subject, friends who want to sell, books, notes, etc. will send us the images of all kinds of products to be sold with all the details, and they will start to be published after we give approval. Of course, you can do various activities to sell the book or note that you have offered for sale from your own social media accounts.

Let's come to Pricing;
Everyone will determine the price of their own book or note, and the shipping fee will be included in the price. We will only get a share of 5-10% from the sales (due to the difference according to the product price)
The funds deposited into the account will be deposited into the seller's account without any deduction after the product is delivered.
All other legal specifications work as in internet sales. The legal rights of both the buyer and the seller are protected. You can access all legal regulations at the bottom of the page.

Shopping from the site will be 100% secure, our transactions will be via paypal,
All kinds of infrastructure of our site is ready. We Can Start Sales Immediately. All books and information will be evaluated in this way instead of going to waste.

To contact us and ask your questions, contact me@kimyahaberleriYou can reach us via our .com e-mail address or the comment page under the news.
We want to see you among us as soon as possible.
Chemistry News Team

Sales of Chemistry and Various Books Online with You
Sales of Chemistry and Various Books Online with You

📩 15/07/2014 17:34

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