Negative Effects of Cosmetic Products on Eye Health

Negative Effects of Cosmetic Products on Eye Health. Stating that some cosmetic products affect eye health negatively, Op. Dr. Özer Kavalcıoğlu, make-up materials; He said it can cause allergies, eye infections and even blindness. Eye makeup; It has a special place for women who want to have sometimes steamy, sometimes impressive and attractive looks.
However, it is necessary to stay away from poor quality products in the selection of make-up materials, because poor quality make-up materials and not paying attention to eye care negatively affect eye health. Veni Vidi Eye Group Specialist Op. Dr. Özer Kavalcıoğlu said, “Eye pencils and eyeshadows that are applied under the eyes, to the eyelids and even to the bottom of the lower eyelashes, sometimes flow into the eye. This invites many eye problems, from allergies to infections. “The chemicals in these products can even cause blindness,” he says.

The eye and its surroundings are more sensitive than other parts of the body. Because there are too many blood vessels and nerve tissues in the eyes. For this, the make-up materials to be used must also be chosen correctly. Incorrectly chosen make-up materials cause the most eye allergies. Complaints such as redness, burning, itching, stinging, watering, burrs are among the symptoms of allergy. Kiss. Dr. While recommending the use of cosmetic materials containing intense oil, Kavalcıoğlu said, “Oily products mix with the tears and form a layer, blurring the vision and causing undesirable results. Such products cause a lack of oxygen in the cornea by inhibiting the function of tears necessary for the nourishment of the cornea. Naturally, dryness occurs in the eyes, which is today's problem.

Kiss. Dr. Özer Kavalcıoğlu gives the following suggestions to prevent deterioration of eye health while applying make-up:
• When purchasing make-up materials, you should choose reliable brands and products with the words “Hypo-allergenic” or “Dermatologist-approved” on them.
• You should change your mascara every 3 months. You should use products that contain no more than 10 ingredients.
• You should avoid putting the eyeliner in your eyes. Otherwise, the channel opening of the sebaceous glands at the bottom of the eyelashes may be blocked.
• You must wash your hands before applying make-up. You should not use dirty cleaning wipes when trying to fix your make-up.
• Expired products can cause serious eye problems. Therefore, you should avoid products with discoloration and change in odor.
• You should not go to bed without removing your eye make-up. Otherwise, it may cause irritation to the eyes, styes, lid cysts and a lack of tears, as it may close the mouths of the tear ducts on the lid margins.
• You should prefer make-up materials that can be easily cleaned with water. In addition, the liquid environment of mascara causes microbes to reproduce easily. This causes swelling of the eyes, redness of the skin or flaking.

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