Developed A Chip That Detects Explosives From Five Meters Away

Developed the chip that detects the explosive at a distance of five meters. Israeli scientists have developed a sensitive chip whose purpose is to detect bombs and explosives. It is clear that security measures at airports will not be abandoned in the near future. However, this procedure can become more bearable and comfortable.

The prototype finds the explosive thanks to a group of nano-transistors that react to minimal electrical changes when certain chemicals are passed through it. The chip is capable of sounding the alarm even when the density is a few molecules to a thousand trillion.
Previous similar instruments could detect the presence of the hazardous substance only if its density was a few molecules per billion.

Thus, the new vehicle can operate in very difficult conditions. The chip can detect the explosive at a distance of up to 5 meters, depending on the material. That way, auditors won't need to breach their personal space to make sure someone is clean and free of potential threats.



Source : turkish.ruvr

📩 02/07/2014 10:58

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