The Great Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs Begins

The Great Fight Against Counterfeit Medicines Begins. The Ministry of Health, which has decided to activate new strategies in the fight against counterfeit drugs that play with the public's health, will provide the public with up-to-date information on counterfeit medicines from the link to be created, and will ensure direct application in a format to be prepared in case of doubt.

Many new applications are planned to be implemented among the activities to be carried out in the July-December period of the 2014 Corporate Financial Situation and Expectations Report prepared by the Ministry of Health, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.

According to the report, the regulations to be made in the field of developing the Pharmaceutical Tracking System, combating counterfeit medicines, medical devices and cosmetics in this period are as follows:

- With the sub-working groups created within the scope of the Product Tracking System (ÜTS) project, the module and software studies in the project calendar will continue, and a comprehensive workshop will be held in September with all stakeholders such as public institutions and sector representatives.

- A Database on Clinical Studies will be created.

- Within the framework of the joint work carried out with the Ministry of Customs and Trade, trainings will continue to the customs directorates in order to ensure the legal procurement of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetic products and to prevent the entry and exit of smuggled / counterfeit drugs into the country.

- As on the website of the health authorities of EU countries, a link regarding counterfeit medicines will be created and updated information will be conveyed to the public from this link, and in case of doubt, an application will be made directly to the Institution in line with a format to be prepared.

- In order to prevent illegal or counterfeit products from entering the legal supply chain, studies will be carried out by both national and international parties in line with joint projects.

-Public advertisements will be prepared to inform the public about smuggled or counterfeit products.

-The Good Pharmaceutical Practices Guide will be published.

- By organizing training for the cosmetics industry and stakeholder institutions, studies on the production and sale of cosmetic products, which are personal cleaning and care products, in accordance with the legislation, the development of the domestic industry, and the informing of the consumers will continue.

- Following the rapidly growing and developing global cosmetics market and determining the advantages that the natural-organic cosmetics market can bring to the country in areas such as green chemicals, sustainability and nanotechnology.

A database will be put into use, where pharmacist and community pharmacy records are also kept.

- In order to comply with the European Union Cosmetics Regulation, the preparation of the “Draft Cosmetics Law, the Draft Regulation on the Amendment of the Cosmetic Regulation, the Draft Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices Guide, the Draft Guideline on the Efficacy Tests in Cosmetic Products and the Regulation on Cosmetic Clinical Research” will continue.

- Legislation on after-sales services and warranty provisions of medical devices will be completed.

-Regulation on the Workshops of Medicinal Products for Human Use will continue to work on updating and comparison tables.

- A workshop will be held with the Turkish Pharmacists' Association on the new regulation and the fight against collusion, with the chambers of pharmacists.

-Pharmaceutical Short-Term Action Plan will be prepared.

-Work on the Rational Use of Medicines (AİK) campaign will continue.

A "Psychiatry Workshop" will be held with the participation of the members of the Scientific Advisory Board and academicians who are experts in the field of psychiatry, in order to evaluate the rational use of psychiatric drugs.

- "Antibiotic Prescribing Report for 81" for 2013 provinces will be prepared based on the Prescription Information System (RBS) data.

- Announcement of the “Application Guide on Permitting Health Claims for Products Offered for Sale with Health Claims” will be announced. In addition, a commission will be formed for the purpose of "Evaluation of Products with Declaration of Health" and the acceptance of the applications will begin.

-“Free Promotional Sample Distribution and Press Release Application Guide, “Scientific and Educational Activity Meeting Application Guide” and “Products and Principles Regarding the Training of Product Promotion Personnel and Implementation Calendar Guide” will be updated.

-“Regulation on Patient Support Programs for the Use of Medicinal Products for Human Use” will be prepared.

-Pharmaceutical Tracking System (ITS) Decision Support System will be established.

- Efforts to increase awareness on the Drug Tracking System and access to safe drugs and to strengthen the drug supply chain will continue.

-Development and enrichment of the contents of the Mobile Drug Inquiry application and ITS portal will continue.

-Sectoral market surveillance audit planning will be made for skin care and baby products.



Source : hurriyet

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