Stress Turned Out To Be Contagious

It Turns Out That Stress Is Contagious. Saint Louis University psychologists concluded that the stress experienced by people is contagious, just like the flu, from the results of their scientific experiments.

The scientists came to this conclusion by observing subjects speaking loudly in front of a large audience. After the speakers who participated in the experiment completed their presentations, scientists measured the level of cortisone (an enzyme called cortisone, as it is known, is released in the saliva of the stressed person) in the saliva of both the speakers and the audience, and concluded that the listeners were under stress as well as the speakers.
According to scientists, the stress experienced by the person is transmitted to the other person through intonation, facial expressions, posture and movements. Associate Professor of Psychology at Saint Louis University. In his statement on the subject, Tony Buchanan said, "It is enough for these people to carefully watch and listen to other people who are under stress, especially for people with a high level of empathy to be infected with stress."

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