Super Clots Will Save Our Lives.

Super Clots Will Save Our Lives. Scientists have developed miniature “super-clot spheres” that can stop fatal bleeding from injuries.
These tiny, spherical particles injected into mice quickly clog blood vessels, increasing the chance of survival after serious trauma, by quickly clogging cells together, increasing the survival rate in injured mice from 60 percent to 90 percent, according to the study published in the medical journal PNAS. Whether the miniature spheres can be used in humans or not will be determined by further research.

The particles are 200 times finer than a human hair. They have tentacle-like arms made like protein chains. These arms clump together, forming a connection with the natural coagulation cells present in the blood. The supercoagulation spheres can be stored for up to two weeks as a dry powder and can be quickly dissolved into a solution and administered with just the addition of a salt or sugar-water mixture.

Uncontrollable bleeding, especially after explosions on battlefields, is one of the most common causes of death. Likewise, major bleeding after major traffic accidents and other serious injuries causes more than 2 million deaths worldwide each year. However, there are few options for stopping bleeding in such injuries. The human body contains natural blood cells, such as platelets, that enable clotting. While this system works quite well for cuts and scratches, it falls short for major traumas. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University, Wayne State University, and Virginia Tech University in the US have synthesized supercoagulation spheres known as "hemostatic nanoparticles."

Mark Morrison of the Nanotechnology Institute;
“However, more studies need to be done on how the particles affect the natural coagulation chain and other bodily processes. They also need to know how long it will last in the body.”

The researchers plan to do further studies in large animal models before considering human trials.

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