TOEFL Setting for University Entrance Exam

TOEFL Setting for University Entrance Exam. In his speech, Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı said that the university examination system will be changed again. Minister Nabi Avcı said that they are working on a new university entrance exam system similar to an exam such as the TOEFL international language exam. Minister Avcı said that the studies continue on the new system, in which the candidate gets the highest score from the exams held for 12 months, and that the exam will be considered valid. Stating that they are working on the system, the Minister said that they will only have difficulty in finding questions.

Because after the exam held every month, other exam questions will not be asked and if this system continues for years, it will be necessary to constantly produce questions. It is really difficult to endure the difficulty of this. Nabi Avcı also gave answers on current questions of national education. Nabi Avcı, who spoke on the request of the prime minister, who appeared in the media in the past days, to publish TEOG questions, said that such an instruction had not been received from the prime minister. Stating that the questions canceled in TEOG were not wrong either, Minister Avcı said that the court made a completely biased decision.



Source : europeannewspaper

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