40 Gifted Students Meet at Summer Camp in Bursa

40 Gifted Students Meet at Summer Camp in Bursa. 'TÜBİTAK ACADEMY FOR HIGH INTELLIGENCES AND TALENTS' IS OPENING IN BURSA FOR THE FIRST TIME. With the Science Summer Camps consisting of 4 different camps to be organized with the coordination of Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM), both families and children will have the chance to explore space by observing the sky. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who stated that the current quota of 40 people in the academy, which was created for the gifted and talented in the camps, which will last for about a month in total, is full, and said, "With our camps that appeal to the 8-12 and 14-17 age group, supported by TÜBİTAK and Uludağ University. offers our children a pleasant holiday and the chance to explore the sky together.”

Science Summer Camps, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the coordination of BTM, will be held in Bursa between 4-30 August. Stating that students will tend to science more with their studies, President Altepe said that TÜBİTAK Academy for the Gifted and Talented, organized within the framework of the camp, will be opened in Bursa for the first time in Turkey.

Altepe: BTM plays an important role in the construction of the future
Mayor Altepe said that the center, where adults also show great interest, appeals to a population of 20 million, together with the surrounding provinces. Emphasizing that being a scientist is a way of life, Altepe stated that they are constantly working to make BTM, which plays an important role in the construction of the future, a living center with national and international activities.

40 gifted students meet in Bursa
As part of the camp, TÜBİTAK Gifted and Talented will be held on August 10. TÜBİTAK Academy for the Gifted and Talented will be held for the first time in Turkey by BTM in Bursa. 40 gifted students from cities such as Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli will attend the academy, which will be implemented with the support of TÜBİTAK and Uludağ University. While the transportation of the students will be provided by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the training will be carried out in two stages with workshops and practice.

Students set up camp, watch Mars with their families
The Scientific Overnight Camp, where students can attend with their families, will be held in Uludağ on 19 July. At the camp, which will be held for the second time this year, the sky, the Milky Way and the universe will be explored by both children and families. In the camp, where families are not forgotten, there will also be activities for families with Bilim Cafe.

Science Summer Camp Program and Content
BTM Science Summer Camps will start with the Natural Sciences camp to be held on August 4-8. In the camp organized for the 8-12 age group; Biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, archeology and geography workshops will take place. The social agenda of the camp; zoology museum, archeopark tour, BUTAL Chemistry Laboratory and Planetarium factory visits. In the camp, 4 August was designated as Chemistry Day, 5 August as Biology Day, 6 August as Physics Day, 7 August as Archeology-Geography Day, and 8 August as Astronomy Day.

TÜBİTAK Academy for the Gifted and Talented will be opened between 10-16 August within the framework of the summer camps. In the academy organized for the 9-14 age group; There are workshops for Water Day, Air Day, Green Science Day, and Atom Day. Social agenda of the academy; Bursa Meteorology Trip consists of Planetarium, thermal power plant and factory visits. Also in the academy; August 11 is Archimedes-Water Day, August 12 is Hazerfan Çelebi-Air Day, August 13 is Uluğ Bey-Astronomy Day, August 14 is Green Science Day, August 15 is Rutherford-Atom Day.

Robotic Electronics camp will be held between 19-23 August. In the camp organized for the 8-12 age group; robotics, electronics, mechanical engineering, technology and design academies will take place. In the social agenda of the academy; They do not stop with a thermal power plant, planetarium and stadium tour and factory visit.

Future Engineers Academy will also be held between 26-30 August. In the camp organized for the 14-17 age group; transportation, electronics, aviation and social media workshops will take place. In the social agenda of the academy; planetarium, Turkish Aeronautical Association, Türk Ticaret Net, Türk Telekom and Durmazlar factory visits. In the academy; August 26 is Project Writing Day, August 27 is Electronic Engineering Day, August 28 is Programming, August 29 is Aviation, and August 30 is Social Media Day.

About BTM Science Summer Camps and application conditions, http://www.bursabtm.org Information can be obtained from the internet address and phone number 0224 250 50 63.

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