A New Mineral Discovered.

A New Mineral Discovered. A new mineral was discovered during mineral exploration in Western Australia. The mineral, called putnisite, consists of cubic crystal-like structures of about 0,5 mm. Translucent, this mineral appears deep pink and purple on dark green or white rocks.

Studies conducted at the University of Adelaide (Australia) show that this mineral, which contains elements such as strontium, calcium, chromium, sulfur, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, is different from the approximately 4000 minerals known so far. Although many minerals are found every year, the new minerals found are generally similar to known minerals. Putnisite, which has a different content, has many problems in this respect.
separates from the new mineral. The usage areas of this unique mineral, which is relatively soft and brittle, have not been determined yet, but studies in this direction continue.



Source : Zeynep Bilgici ( tubitak.gov.tr )

Günceleme: 17/07/2014 15:27

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