Renewable Energy Can Provide Job Opportunity to 450 Thousand People

Renewable Energy Can Provide Job Opportunity to 450 Thousand People. Reminding that Turkey is among the fastest growing countries in the world's energy markets, it is 73 percent foreign-dependent in energy consumption, and energy experts said that with the country's 'renewable energy source' potential, both the rapid increase in energy demand can be met and the unemployment problem created by creating job opportunities for 450 thousand people. They argued that it could be eliminated.


Yaşar University Vocational School of Alternative Energy Sources Technology Program Manager Selen Çekinir stated that investment studies related to the use of renewable energy sources are increasing rapidly in order to reduce foreign dependency in energy in Turkey, and said the following about Turkey's alternative energy potential:

“Due to the limited size of Turkey's fossil-based energy source, approximately 97 percent of natural gas and 20 percent of coal and lignite are imported. In Turkey, studies have started for the use of domestic and renewable energy sources in order to limit natural gas and coal imports and reduce foreign dependency in energy. For example, after new incentives for renewable energy, a wind power installed capacity of 3 megawatts was reached. In addition, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources aimed to increase the installed capacity of wind energy by 141 gigawatts by 2015, and to reach 10 gigawatts by 2023. Again, it is aimed to increase the installed power of geothermal energy to 20 megawatts by 2023 and to use all the potential in hydroelectric energy until 600, to increase the installed power from 2023 thousand megawatts to 23 thousand megawatts.


Selen Çekinir also gave information about the business opportunities in Turkey and in the world, “Renewable energy investments create thousands of job opportunities all over the world. Renewable energy consultancy, energy systems engineering, alternative energy sources technology technician, thermal insulation expertise, ecological building designer are seen as professions that will be demanded in the future. According to the data of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 2012 million people were employed in the field of renewable energy in the world in 5,7 and 2013 million people in 6,5. China, on the other hand, became the country that provided the most employment by providing employment to 2013 million 2 thousand people in the field of renewable energy in 640.


Indicating that Turkey's renewable energy resource potential will make a great contribution to the solution of the unemployment problem, Çekinir said, “For 1 megawatt power generation from wind energy, an average of 12 employees, including sub-industries, are required. In case the 2023 megawatt installed capacity, which is the target of 20 in wind energy in Turkey, is reached, 240 thousand people will be employed. It is foreseen that approximately 2020 thousand people will be employed directly or indirectly by 200 for the installation, operation, maintenance and system production of solar energy.


-İzmir has great potential in terms of the use and development of renewable energy resources.

-According to the 2014-2023 İzmir Regional Plan prepared by İzmir Development Agency (İZKA), the city has a capacity of 854 megawatts in terms of wind energy. While only 2,6 percent of this potential can be used, it is possible to produce more energy than the total energy consumption of the Aegean Region, by making use of the potential.

-İzmir is among the most advantageous provinces not only in terms of wind energy but also in terms of benefiting from solar energy.

- While the rate in Antalya region, which has the highest solar capacity ratio in Turkey, is 20 percent, it is around 15-18 percent in Izmir.

-İzmir also has a great potential for electricity generation from geothermal and biogas. In biogas, it has a potential of 2 megawatts, which is equivalent to the 500-month consumption of approximately 1 houses.

- If all the potential of İzmir, which is also very rich in terms of geothermal resources, can be used, it will be possible to heat 5 thousand residences, 150 times more than the current situation.



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