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Don't Miss Tübitak Scholarship Opportunities

Do not miss the Tubitak Scholarship Opportunities. In order to be a scholarship holder, one of the following conditions must be fulfilled: A. Scholarship Requirements for Those Entering the International Science Olympiad Teams: 1. For Turkish Citizen students; During his secondary education, TÜBİTAK [more…]


Print the Money All Professions are Yours

Print the Money and All Professions are Yours. The difference in scores between state and foundation universities reached surprising levels. Even in departments such as medicine and law, which are most preferred by students, the difference in scores exceeds 265. [more…]


The “BOR” War Has Begun

The “BOR” War Has Begun. The European Union is preparing to ban hygiene products such as cosmetics and detergents containing boron. The European Union, claiming that boron mine causes skin cancer, has declared REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization/Restriction of Chemicals) [more…]


America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities and Startups

America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities and Startups. The 2014 results of the Forbes Most Entrepreneurial Universities list, in which Forbes magazine ranks American universities according to their entrepreneurial activities, have been announced. The location of 20 universities called start-up schools [more…]