The Biggest Meeting of the Eurasian Cleaning Industry is in Istanbul in September

The Biggest Meeting of the Eurasian Cleaning Industry is in Istanbul in September. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Fair; The cooperation of ISSA and TESHIAD will be held in Turkey for the first time, hosted by Amsterdam RAI and UBM NTSR. The fair, which is preparing to bring together the leading companies in the cleaning sector of Eurasia, in Istanbul after Amsterdam, Orlando, Warsaw and Mexico City, will open its doors on September 25, 2014 at the WOW Convention Center.

ISSA/Interclean, which will bring together the industrial cleaning products and services sector in Turkey, has the distinction of being the leading fair of its category. At the fair; There will be a wide range of product groups from floor care machines to chemical cleaners, from glass and exterior cleaning equipment to steam cleaning products. Within the scope of ISSA/Interclean Istanbul Fair, which set out with the participation of 80 companies and a total of 3 domestic and foreign visitors in its first year, conferences will also be held in cooperation with ISSA/TESHIAD. ISSA/Interclean Fair, where exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to follow the latest developments in the sector and gain insight, will be held at WOW Convention Center Yeşilköy on 500-25 September.

World Cleaning Industry Association Europe and Middle East Director Keith Baker, whom we talked to before the fair, which will start on September 25, mentioned that cleaning is very important for the health of the whole world and said, “Many international cleaning companies have come to Turkey. Turkey is a very important market, and we would like to emphasize the importance of the cleaning sector by bringing the cleaning sector from all over the world together in Turkey in the event we will hold. Since Turkey is a gateway to the Middle East, it has a very strategic and important place. We are working on industrial cleaning to improve the region, starting with Turkey and expanding to the Middle East. Currently, cleaning is a neglected issue. We will also emphasize the importance of cleaning at the conference we will hold in Turkey, and the world's perspective on cleaning will change after the organization we will hold here. At the conference we will hold, we will discuss hygiene at low temperatures without using high heat and many other issues. We will discuss providing hygiene without harming the environment. The work we do affects all sectors, there is cleanliness in every sector, we are proud of the work we do.”

Pointing out that the ISSA Interclean organization is the largest and most important organization in the world, Amsterdam RAI ISSA Interclean Director Rob den Hertog said, “The Interclean organization will be held for the first time in Turkey. In the organization, more than 100 companies will come to Turkey and information about the cleaning sector will be provided with these companies. Those who have come from abroad will also have information about the Turkish market. Getting professional cleaning service is very important for every sector. Because if you have a workplace, if you do not want your employees to get sick, you need to have a proper cleaning. In order for your employees to come to work in a healthy way and to work efficiently in a healthy environment, attention should be paid to cleanliness. We, too, continue our efforts to obtain professional cleaning services for cleaning, which is required by every sector.”

Having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey is an important meeting point for those aiming to expand their business in the Eurasian Region. As our country is a fast growing and vibrant market in the cleaning industry, it creates an opportunity to reach a wide range of international customers and decision makers. In addition, catching up with the latest innovations in the cleaning industry, meeting with companies face-to-face and networking, and making a positive contribution to the brand and corporate image of the participants are among the opportunities offered by the organization.

At the conference to be held within the scope of the fair, Dr. It will feature Ilham Kadri, Roberto Berardi, Clive Damonze, Craig Mawla and Stan Atkins. Hygiene at low temperatures, which provides low energy use, and safety in the cleaning of high-rise spaces are the prominent issues related to environmental protection. Organization officials; He says that what will be discussed at the conference will change the world's perspective on the industry.

Today, the Turkish Industrial Cleaning Sector, which has approximately 3 thousand companies, 2 billion Euro turnover/year and 1 million employees, is an important market with a promising future. The market size of professional cleaning machines is around 80 million Euros and the market size of professional cleaning equipment is around 100 million Euros. In the sector; There are hundreds of products of different quality and price levels. Only 10-15 percent of the market is still outsourcing cleaning services. This shows that the future potential is fascinating.

The aid and incentives provided by the state to new and foreign investors are also important in Turkey, which is an important meeting and distribution center between eastern and western trade. In the sector, which exhibits a continuous growth trend, many new investments and big projects are being implemented. In our country, which has a young population, the fact that consumers are open to new brands and new products also attracts investors. Turkey, which is currently the world's 15th largest economy, expected to rise to the 2030th rank in 12, and has 1.2 percent of the world's trade volume, is in the position of the growing economic and political power of its region. This location makes our country attractive for foreign companies. The fact that 40 companies, one of the international participants of the fair, came to Turkey for the first time on this occasion, will introduce their innovations and hold cooperation talks, shows both the potential of the market and the importance of the organization.

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The Biggest Meeting of the Eurasian Cleaning Industry is in Istanbul in September


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