“PhD students in Chemistry and Biology are mostly looking for a job”

“PhD students in Chemistry and Biology are mostly looking for a job” It turned out that the employer does not look at the diploma status while recruiting employees. 559 thousand graduate and doctorate graduates are looking for a job. The number of unemployed people who graduated from two universities is 285 thousand.

The announcement of unemployment figures as 9 percent brought the employment problem to the agenda in Turkey. Career website Secretcv.com, in an examination of 948 thousand job applicants who are actively looking for a job, revealed that 559 thousand graduate and doctorate holders are looking for a job.

The number of people who have graduated from two universities and are looking for a job is 285 thousand. In the report, it was underlined that Turkey's labor market is not qualified to employ these personnel.


Among the nearly 17 million job seekers, the number of undergraduates was 7,5 million. Anadolu University was the university with the highest number of graduates with 38 percent.

It was followed by Istanbul with 4 percent and Kocaeli University with 3 percent. Looking at the departments from which job seekers graduated, they are Business Administration, Economics and Public Administration, respectively. The least job-seeking department is Medicine with 2,1 percent.

In the programs completed by candidates with master's and doctorate degrees, business administration ranks first, followed by mechanical engineering, chemistry and banking. Business graduates are evaluating job opportunities in management positions in many different sectors.

It was stated that those who completed graduate programs in technical branches such as Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and natural sciences turned to the pharmaceutical, food, automotive, information technologies and construction sectors.

Education level is not effective

Zafer Keskin, Occupational Safety Specialist of the Reference İş website, stated that the high level of education does not provide an advantage for job seekers, and said, "PhD students in the fields of chemistry, biology and mechanical engineers are mostly looking for a job."



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