International Energy and Security Congress Begins on September 23

International Energy and Security Congress Begins on 23 September. The congress, which will be held for the 5th time this year, was held on September 23-24, 2014 at Kocaeli University Umuttepe Central Campus. Dr. It will be held simultaneously in five different halls of Baki Komsuoğlu International Culture and Congress Center.

Congress; It will provide significant contribution and support to the analysis of energy efficiency technologies, hydrogen energy technologies, solar energy technologies, wind energy technologies, geothermal energy technologies, hydroelectric energy technologies, new generation nuclear energy technologies and strategies.

The Congress will also provide a new perspective on energy and environmental security. It will be possible to evaluate national security and development strategies in terms of energy.

To know briefly about the Congress;
Today, energy is of vital importance for national economies, as it is the building block of industrialization. Trade opportunities that develop as a result of population growth, industrialization, urbanization and globalization lead to an increase in the demand for natural resources and energy.

Countries want to produce cheap, clean, sufficient, renewable and safe energy. At the same time, it seeks ways to reduce foreign dependency on energy. It is important to increase efficiency in energy use, diversify existing resources and turn to renewable energy sources.

In the 21st century, energy has an important place in the industry and transportation sector. In particular, renewable energy sources and their use, energy economy and policy, energy financing, energy policies and supply strategies of states, the future of fossil resources, oil and natural gas transmission lines and security, international energy projects, nuclear energy, nuclear power plants and technologies. examination is the main purpose of the congress.

Taking precautions against environmental pollution that arises in the production and consumption of energy, and combating environmental problems created by non-renewable energy sources are among the important issues.

The Congress will examine the role of energy in international relations, energy resources and conflict, energy and national security, energy supply and transportation security, new energy technologies, energy and environmental security, Turkey's energy security;

hosted by Kocaeli University;

University of Kocaeli,
Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries (Turkic Council),
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategic Research Center (SAM),
LNGumilyov National Eurasian University of Astana, Kazakhstan
Kosovo University of Pristina,
Kosovo's University of Prizren,
Yildiz Technical University,
Trakya University and
Organized by Bilgesam partnership.

You can use the links below to access all general information about the congress,

International Energy and Security Congress Begins on September 23

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