Chemport Chemical Specialized Industrial Zone Will Boost the Economy

Chemport Chemical Specialized Industrial Zone Will Revitalize the Economy. The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Chemical Industry Council Chairman Timur Erk, Chemport Chemical Specialized Industrial Zone He stated that the project will play an active role in reducing the foreign trade deficit.

Erk, in his speech at the TOBB Chemical Industry Assembly meeting, pointed out that the project planned to be built in South Marmara will add significant commercial value to the Turkish economy.

Noting that they finished last year with the second place in exports as an industry, Erk said, “Let's know that developing Turkey has a rapidly developing chemical industry. The chemical industry is an important indicator of development. If a country has developed, the chemical industry has also developed," he said.

erk, Chemport Chemical Specialized Industrial Zone He emphasized that the Project will play an active role in reducing the foreign trade deficit.

Port of Rotterdam set an example for Chemport
Haluk Erceber, Chairman of the Chemport Chemical Industrialists and Services Association, stated that the project in question will increase employment and foreign direct investment inflows.

Pointing out that the foreign trade deficit arising from the chemical industry will be approximately 2023 billion dollars in 90, Erceber said:Chemport Projectof the year 2023 Reducing the chemical sector foreign trade deficit by half has potential. In 2013, 25 percent of Turkey's foreign trade deficit originated from the chemical industry. The country's increasing dependence on chemical imports contradicts the trend of increasing local production adequacy in the world. Despite the increase in the global chemistry cluster, there is not yet a chemistry cluster with ports in Turkey. Chemportwill have a significant market share as the first chemistry cluster in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.”

Erceber stated that they took the Port of Rotterdam as an example for the project and stated that there is cooperation between Turkey and the Netherlands in this regard.

Expressing that the commercial business plan and the location selection of the land and the construction of the master plan will begin soon, Erceber stated that a technical committee consisting of the relevant ministries will start working for the development process of the project.

TOBB Board of Directors In the meeting chaired by Vice President Ender Yorgancılar, investment opportunities in the sector besides the Chemport Chemistry Specialized Industrial Zone Project, R&D culture, innovation, problems at customs and inward processing regime were discussed.



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