Chemistry Investors Explained Chemport Project

Chemical Investors Chemport ProjectHe told what. 24 chemical investors visited Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, and called CHEMPORT. Chemical Specialized Clustering Industrial Zone He gave information about the Minister Işık.
The excitement of CHEMPORT is experienced in the chemical industry, which draws attention with its rising trend in exports. While the preparations for the Chemistry Specialization Cluster Industrial Zone called CHEMPORT continue, the work carried out under the coordination of Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan. 24 chemical investorsAssociation management established by Fikri Işık visited the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology and gave information. Similar examples in the world were discussed during the visit made within the scope of the study, which is thought to eliminate half of the foreign trade deficit in the chemical industry. At the meeting, the chemical industry zones in Taiwan and Spain Tarragona will be similar in Turkey. CHEMPORTIt was stated that it will make a great contribution to competitiveness.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Işık stated that they supported the master plans and feasibility studies of the project with the established technical committee and said, “We talked with our Deputy Prime Minister last year when we met, and we agree that it will contribute to Turkey. We decided to start the proceedings. It is a great advantage that there are no similar clustering regions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus, which we are in the middle of. There are 2 billion people within a 1-hour flight distance and they are the people with the highest income level. There is no hesitation in the point of application, but areas suitable for industrial investment should be selected.”
The search for a suitable place for CHEMPORT, which requires the expropriation of approximately 30 thousand decares of land, continues. Planned to be established in the Marmara Region Chemical Specialized Clustering Industrial Zone An investment of approximately 5 billion euros is foreseen for



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