The Right Address in a Chemistry Career “My ChemistryCareer”

The Right Address in a Chemistry Career is “My ChemistryCareer”. make a career for your profession,
Be aware of the developments in the sector while looking for a job! You can reach the most up-to-date job postings with the help of the links in the side column of our website with the partnership we have made with my chemistry career.

The candidate pool of, which has gathered job seekers and employers under one roof since 2012; It has profiles covering qualified personnel candidates needed in all sectors where chemistry is involved.; first chemists, chemical engineersIt also offers job opportunities to food engineers, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, mining engineers, agricultural engineers and environmental engineers, as well as graduates of economics and administrative sciences.

Chemicals, construction, plastics and rubber, ceramics and glass, textiles and leather, industrial oils and gases, laboratory, petrochemical, energy, automotive, food, cosmetics and cleaning products, paper and cardboard, ink, paint, construction chemicals and adhesives, iron, which brings together job seekers and employers in steel, machinery and equipment, white goods, mining, packaging, pharmaceuticals, polyurethane and composite, water treatment, agriculture, aviation and furniture sectors; In addition to job opportunities, it also includes articles on personal development and career.

On, where the sectoral agenda can be followed with interviews with experts in their fields and the latest news from within the sector, companies can easily reach the candidates with the profile most suitable for their needs among thousands of CVs.

The Right Address in a Chemistry Career ChemistryMyCareer

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