Chemical Specialization OIZ Request from BTSO Members

Chemical Specialization OIZ Request from BTSO Members. The members of the Chemistry and Mining Council, operating within the body of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), stated that a Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) should be established in the chemical sector.

Incorporating the actors of the chemical and mining sector, which constitutes 15 percent of the industrial enterprises in Bursa, BTSO Chemistry and Mining Councilcontinues its work. Speaking at the Council's meeting held at the Chamber Service Building, BTSO Board Member İlker Duran said that they want companies operating in the sector to have a competitive identity in the international arena.

Duran, who stated that the existing organized industrial zones in Bursa could not meet the needs of chemical companies, considering the requirements of chemical production and legislative restrictions, said, “Therefore, we need a Specialized OIZ in the chemical sector. It will be implemented in Bursa for high-tech and value-added investment. TEKNOSAB We aim to include companies operating in the chemical industry. The new generation OSB is an important project that will rapidly carry our city to our goals.” said.

BTSO Chemistry and Mining Council President Cemal Tuna He also explained the necessity of establishing a specialized OIZ project in the chemical industry. Stating that the council has prepared a report on their priority action plans, Tuna noted that another subject they include in this context is to produce a solution to the problem of the need for qualified personnel in the chemical industry.

Chemical Specialization OIZ Request from BTSO Members


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