The Biggest Meeting of the Polyurethane and Composite Industry in Eurasia Hosted the Industry in Istanbul

The Biggest Meeting of the Polyurethane and Composite Industry in Eurasia Hosted the Industry in Istanbul. Artkim Fairs hosted the giants of the industry with Putech Eurasia and Eurasian Composites Show Fairs held at Istanbul Expo Center between 12-14 November 2015.

Artkim Fair, which has guided the sector with the fairs it has organized in the chemical industry for years, hosted two big fairs in the field of composite and polyurethane, which are the most important sub-branches of chemistry. “Putech Eurasia, International Polyurethane Industry Fair”, which is shown as one of the world's leading fairs in the international arena between 12-14 November 2015, will be held on the same date as the “Putech Eurasia”.Eurasian Composites Show, Composites Industry Fair” brought together thousands of professionals from home and abroad.

The “4. In “International Polyurethane Industry Fair” Putech Eurasia 2015, Polyurethane Chemicals, Polyurethane Machinery Equipment, Polyurethane System House, Polyurethane Coating and Adhesives, Polyurethane Molds and Systems, Polyurea Applications RIM-Integral Polyurethane System Products were exhibited.

Putech Eurasia & Eurasian Composites Show_Gorsel2

Organized simultaneously, the 2nd Composite Industry and Technologies Fair Eurasian Composites Show 2015 introduced Composite Chemicals, intermediate products, machinery equipment and latest systems to local and foreign industry professionals.
Putech Eurasia and Eurasian Composites Show Fairs were attended by 20 direct participants from 155 countries, 31 companies and company representatives from 295 countries. 3 domestic and foreign industry professionals visited the fair for 5318 days.
While Putech Eurasia and Eurasian Composites Show 2015 Fairs, which paved the way for the participant companies to establish important business connections with their qualified and sector visitors, were found to be highly satisfactory by almost all of the participants, while many domestic and foreign companies have already participated in the events that will be held between 9-11 November 2017. 5th Putech Eurasia and 3rd Eurasian Composites Show He made pre-reservations for the fairs.

About Artkim Fairs:
Artkim Group was established in 2002 with the aim of producing fair organization, publishing and sectoral solutions only for the Chemical Industry. As Artkim Fairs, it is an organization company that stepped into the fair organization sector with its first fair, Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia, and has brought a total of 2006 different sector fairs to the sector since 8.
Artkim Group; Artkim Fuarcılık continues to serve the chemical industry in 4 branches as Chem Media, Chem Ajans and

Organized by Artkim Fair;

Chem Show Eurasia (International Chemical Industry Group Fair)
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients (Cosmetic, Personal Care, Detergent and Home Care Products Components, Raw Materials and Technologies Fair)
Interdye & Printing Eurasia (Dyestuff, Printing Inks, Pigments, Chemicals, Printing and Dyeing Technologies Fair)
Paintistanbul & Turkcoat (International Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Insulation, Fillers, Construction Chemicals Raw Materials and Production Technologies Fair and Congress)
PaintExpo Eurasia (Industrial Coating Technologies Fair)
STT Show Eurasia (Pre-Treatment, Surface Treatment Chemicals, Galvano Chemicals and Technologies Fair)
Putech Eurasia (Polyurethane Industry Fair)
The Eurasian Composites Show (Composite Industry and Production Technologies Fair) became the meeting point of local and foreign industry professionals in Istanbul, the city where the continents meet, and made great contributions to the development of the chemical industry.

The Biggest Meeting of the Polyurethane and Composite Industry in Eurasia Hosted the Industry in Istanbul

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