Chemistry Industry Discussed Supports and Investment Incentives

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Chemistry Industry Discussed Supports and Investment Incentives. TOBB Turkey Chemical Industry Sector Assembly convened in Ankara with the participation of TOBB Board Member Bülent Karakuş. At the meeting, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy Tarık Sönmez and his accompanying bureaucrats informed the sector representatives about government supports and investment incentives in exports.

TOBB Board Member Bülent Karakuş, in his speech here, underlined that they are trying to find solutions to the problems of the sector with a common mind, and stated that the sector assemblies undertake important tasks in the design of policies that will ensure productivity increases. Expressing that it is gratifying that the Ministry of Economy and sector representatives took part in the meeting with a wide participation, Karakuş reminded that the chemical industry is among the fields that Turkey exports the most.

Karakuş said, “There are many manufacturers of the chemical industry and its sub-branches in the list of Turkey's largest industrial enterprises. Therefore, we also know that this sector, which makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy, has problems that have been waiting to be solved for a long time. Insufficient investment opportunities, foreign trade policies that compel an increase in imports of raw materials, high energy and financing costs, and excessive volatility in exchange rates weaken the competitiveness of the sector. Stating that the disruptions in the investment environment reduced the profit margins and capacity utilization rates, Bülent Karakuş stated that the work of the assembly would contribute to the decision makers in the public sector.

-2016 will be better than last year

In his speech, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy Tarık Sönmez stated that 2016 will also be a difficult year, but as the Ministry of Economy, we will support our exporters and investors in overcoming the aforementioned difficulties, as always, in terms of the subjects falling within the scope of the Ministry's mandate.

Sönmez said that the crisis that broke out in the world in 2008 has not been completely overcome yet, and that weak growth also affected global exports and imports. Expressing that the chemical industry is a very important sector that provides input to many sectors, Deputy Undersecretary Sönmez said, “The perspective on some sectors may need to be changed, perhaps more support may be needed. Chemistry is one of the sectors that we should look at from this perspective," he said.

PAGEV Yavuz EROĞLU, Chairman of the Board of Directors;
“In the current incentive legislation, Plastic and Rubber Production investments are encouraged within the scope of General Incentive Practices, wherever they are made outside the 6th Region. Whereas Plastic product Since it is more rational to operate on a local basis in production, the plastics industry should be supported in at least one province in each region. Again, in the current incentive legislation; Rubber and plastic hoses, pipes, etc. within the scope of Motor Vehicles sub-industry and White Goods. It is said that investments for the production of such products can be evaluated within the scope of Regional Incentive Practices. However, the Plastic Packaging industry, with its many applications (smart packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, Antibacterial packaging, other packaging applications that extend food life, packaging made of bioplastic), plastic construction materials with energy-efficient types (insulation materials, earthquake resistant plastic construction building materials, etc.), All plastic electrical and electronic materials and all plastic defense industry parts should be added to the same incentive text.”

TOBB Turkey Chemical Industry In his speech, Timur Erk, Chairman of the Assembly, underlined that they provide raw materials and intermediate inputs to more than 30 sectors and emphasized the weight of the sector in the economy. Noting that the development of a country is parallel to the chemical industry, Erk thanked the government for the support received in recent years.

Chemistry Industry Discussed Supports and Investment Incentives

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