Chemistry Giants Join Forces for Bio-Polymer Production

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cca chemistry giants combined bio polymer ccretimi cbcain gcbcca

Chemistry Giants Join Forces for Bio-Polymer Production. BASF and Avantium are moving forward in a joint venture to develop a new polymer, polyethylene furanoate (PEF).

Partners in Antwerp Belgium to produce biobased chemical polyethylene furanoate “PEF” from furandicarboxylic acid (FdCA) BASFin the area belonging to the complex of synvina They established the facility. The companies will become a 300.000.000-to-700,000,000 shareholder, placing an investment of between $3 million and $1 million in the established plant.

It is aimed for the factory to have an annual FDCA capacity of 50.000 tons, to produce on an industrial scale, and to be a "reference factory" to be used to develop more technologies.

Chemistry Giants Join Forces to Produce Bio-Polymer1Technology, avantium developed by and YXY called a system. 5-methoxy methyl furfural is obtained by destroying the hydrate waters of carbohydrates and FDCA is obtained as a result of oxidation, then FDCA is reacted with ethylene glycol for PEF.

Coca-Cola and Danone It has been collaborating with Avantium for years to develop a bio-based alternative polymer to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) used in soda bottles.

PEF shows better oxygen and carbon dioxide blocking properties than PET.

Last month, Avantium and Japan's Toyobo company announced their plans to make PEF film alongside PEF polymer production at the site of the Toyobo factory in Iwakuni Japan.

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Source : ACS

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