R&D and Investment Incentive System is Strengthened in Chemistry, Mining and Many Other Sectors

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R&D and Investment Incentive System is Strengthened in Chemistry, Mining and Many Other Sectors. Electric car manufacturing, high-tech aircraft engines, new refinery construction, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing in Turkey. R&D and investment incentive system will be strengthened and domestic production capacity will be increased.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the Medium Term Program (OVP) covering the period of 2017-2019, becoming more competitive in international markets by increasing the level of technology and efficiency is among the main priorities of the program.

While aiming to increase technology and innovation development capacity, the ratio of current account deficit to national income was 2017 percent in 4,2 as a result of accelerating technology-intensive production, reducing dependency on imported inputs, especially energy, and compensating for the income loss in services trade, with the effect of incentive measures during the program period. expected to happen.

In this context, products with high added value will be developed, priority will be given to the protection of gene resources, breeding studies, nanotechnology and biotechnology, and cooperation between agriculture-industry-university will be increased through guided projects.

Space Agency will be established

During the program period, a Space Agency will be established to develop and support space and aviation technologies and to increase national capacity in this field.

Transformation into an information society will be accelerated by the development and widespread use of information and communication technologies infrastructure, especially broadband. Innovative financing opportunities such as venture capital and individual participation capital and technological entrepreneurship support models will be developed. Public procurement will be used in a way that will contribute to R&D and innovation activities and encourage innovation, localization, technology transfer and innovative entrepreneurship. Pharmaceutical and medical device industries Product-based domestic supply models will be applied in order to make production based on public procurement guarantee in high-tech products, including

A strategy will be followed to transform the richness of natural resources and the diversity of agricultural products into production and competitive advantage with the help of technology. Domestic production capacity will be increased by strengthening the R&D and investment incentive system in electric car manufacturing, aircraft engines and parts with advanced technology, new refinery construction, pharmaceutical and medical device production. In addition, technological product investments, prototype development processes and clustering studies will be supported in priority sectors such as energy, health, aviation, space, automotive, rail systems, informatics and defense sectors.

Education, health, drinking water and sewerage, science-technology, transportation and irrigation sectors will be given priority in public investments, including those carried out with the public-private cooperation model. By improving their technological infrastructure and R&D activities, State Economic Enterprises (SOEs) will focus on products with high added value, primarily benefit from domestic energy resources and evaluate new opportunities for export.

Support for green growth

Green growth will be supported by taking advantage of new job opportunities, income sources, and opportunities for the development of products and technologies, which are encompassed by environmentally friendly approaches. Oil and natural gas exploration activities in the country and abroad will be continued by considering the cost-benefit balance, and the exploration and production activities of domestic resources such as lignite coal and geothermal will be maximized. Research activities for shale gas and other new technologies will be carried out by considering the benefit-cost balance.

With new investments and transformations in the manufacturing industry, policies to increase the share of medium and high technology products in exports will be continued and new support mechanisms will be established to increase the production and export of these products.

Investments and investments that will enable domestic production of industrial inputs with high import dependency and technology intensity. R&D activities will be supported. Measures will be taken to direct international direct investments to high-tech production areas.

Regulations that meet the needs of the real sector and support innovative and technology-oriented initiatives will be made in the capital market legislation.

Source : Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

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