Turkey Meets Local Organic Cosmetics Brand Iva Natura

Turkey Meets Local Organic Cosmetics Brand Iva Natura. Iva Natura; It is a brand of certified organic cosmetic products that are obtained from natural plants of unique beauty that grow in the untouched and magnificent nature of Anatolia, adding added value to the cosmetics sector of our country.

Organized by the company in İzmir Alsancak, the “Organic Cosmetics ShowSpeaking at ”, Iva Natura General Manager Levent Kahriman explained that the products are organic certified and vegan products. Stating that they have developed 26 products under the name of Anatolian Plant Series, Kahriman said, “The materials of all of them are from Turkey.

E.g; We made tonic with the water of Van Lake, peeling (abrasive face cream) with the salt of Tuz Gölü, and antiageing (anti-aging) cream with Aydın's immortal flower.

We have created products with plants and products grown in Turkey and have certified them as organic.” Stating that his products have been sold in 2 countries for 10 years, Levent Kahriman said:

turkey-local-organic-cosmetics-brandsi-iva-natura-ile-tanisiyor2“Our products are sold in America, Germany, England, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Azerbaijan. This year, we agreed with Şebnem Schaefer to promote our products in Turkey. We chose it because she is known abroad and is a multilingual model. We supply the necessary materials for our products from Tunceli, Aydın, Hakkari, Burdur, Van, İzmir and many other cities. For example, we made an agreement with a few villagers in Van and supplied the water of Lake Van. As we sell cosmetic products, an income model has emerged for the villagers who produce these products. All products are organic and vegan. Products that respect animal rights and do not use animal ingredients. ”

Stating that they thought of all the products a family might need while preparing the product scale, Kahriman said, “If the shampoo is organic, both the conditioner and the hair mask must be organic. We have products such as face soap, antiageing cream, hand and foot cream, diaper rash cream, children's shampoo. We have products that will take care of the mother and her baby.”

The company will also participate in Exponatura – 3, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 6-2016 November 8. It will bring its products together with the visitors at the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products Fair.

turkey-local-organic-cosmetics-brandsi-iva-natura-ile-tanisiyor1Famous model Şebnem Schaefer, who introduced the products of the Iva Natura brand in İzmir Alsancak, said, “I am half Turkish, but I am an Anatolian child. It is a source of pride for these products to be made from Anatolian plants," he said. Explaining the products at the stand, Schaefer stated that he has been using the products for two weeks and said, “My skin was beautiful, but it became smoother with these products. I am half Turkish, but I am an Anatolian child. It is a source of pride for these products to be made from Anatolian plants,” he said.
During the promotion Sebnem ShaeferWhile applying black care cream to his hands, the volunteers were treated to their faces among the audience.

You can access and purchase Iva natura products on our website: http://www.kimyahaberleri.com/e-magaza/

For detailed information: http://ivanatura.com/ivanatura_sertifikali_organik_kozmetik_iva_natura.html

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