The Project of Combating Poverty of the Chemical Industry Has Been Realized

The Project of Combating Poverty of the Chemistry Sector was Implemented. The "Project for Combating Poverty of the Chemical Industry", prepared by the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB), has started.

According to the statement made by İKMİB, from plastic to cosmetics, from medicine to paint Approaching the need for trained personnel in the chemical sector, which represents many sub-sectors, with social sensitivity and aiming to raise awareness throughout the sector. “The Project of Combating Poverty of the Chemical Industry” it started. The project aims to employ 100 people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged in different sub-sectors of chemistry by receiving vocational training.

The project, supported by the Department of European Union and Financial Aids of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, aims to increase the employability and labor force participation rates of people living in socioeconomically disadvantaged districts of Istanbul in a way that will respond to the need for intermediate staff in the chemical industry.

Within the scope of the project, which will last for one year, an HR Needs Analysis will be carried out in the sector in order to train the socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, who are the target group of the project, in the areas needed in the chemical industry and it will be determined in which areas there is a shortage of intermediate staff. In line with the data to be obtained from the analysis, vocational training will be given to 100 socio-economically disadvantaged people to obtain certificates. Also Human Resources Portal will be created and their entry into the labor market will be facilitated.

Also The Turkish IKMIB, within the scope of the project, will also carry out activities aimed at raising awareness on issues such as the difficulties experienced by disadvantaged groups, social exclusion and opportunities for inclusion. 100 companies operating in the chemical industry will be visited and information will be given on the subject. It will be aimed to raise awareness in the public with the public service announcement to be prepared within the scope of the project and the workshops to be held on different subjects.

The Turkish Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastic Industry Employers' Union and the International Lifelong Learning Association are among the project partners.

Source : Hürriyet

Günceleme: 04/08/2022 18:26

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