Companies Invest Giantly in Green Chemistry, $2 Million for CO100-Based Polyol Production

fc companies are making giant investments to green chemistry co base cb polyol fee cbcain million dollars
fc companies are making giant investments to green chemistry co base cb polyol fee cbcain million dollars

Companies Make Giant Investments in Green Chemistry, $2 Million for CO100 Based Polyol Production. Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, is the pioneer of Novomer's groundbreaking Converge® polyol technologyni for $100 million and made a major investment in green chemistry.

Novomer produces polyols by reacting epoxides such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide with carbon dioxide. Have a renewable content of up to 45% polyolsis then reacted with isocyanates to produce polyurethanes.

Earlier this year, Ford Motor Co announced it was investigating the use of polyols to make seat cushions. Ford wants to use this technology in vehicles in the next five years.

The technology provides competitive, more sustainable and high performance over conventional petroleum-based polyols used in coatings. It has a wide range of uses such as insulation panels, buildings, automobile seats, including within the flexible and rigid foam production segments. It has a large load carrying capacity and is resistant to burning.

Novomer was founded by Cornell University chemistry professor Geoffrey W. Coates. Coates has developed catalysts based on β-diiminate zinc acetate and cobalt salen carboxylate complexes that combine epoxides with CO2.

Saudi Aramco made a capital investment in the company in November 2013 to develop and commercialize Converge technology. Abdulaziz al-Judaimi, senior vice president of Saudi Aramco, said:Saudi Aramco“We will accelerate the commercialization of new polyol materials by providing focal access with reliable raw material sources, financial stability and unparalleled R&D investments.”

The company will inject 800.000 metric tons of CO2 per year into limestone reservoirs at the Uthmaniyah oil field and Hawiyah facilities.

In addition, Aramco Sadara is in the process of starting a $20 billion chemical joint venture with Dow Chemical. The partnership will produce specialty chemicals, including polyols.

Source : ACS

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