Sumitomo Chemical Begins Building High Purity Chemicals Factory for Semiconductors

Sumitomo Chemical Begins Building High Purity Chemicals Factory for Semiconductors. Sumitomo Chemical has started the construction of a new plant for the production of high-purity chemicals for semiconductors in China. Its new facility is scheduled to begin commercial production in March 2019.

Sumitome ChemicalAfter a processing plant and sales office for optical functional films established in Shanghai in 2001, it has strengthened its trading base for IT-related chemicals in China over the years to respond to customers' specific needs.

The operating base is currently eight locations nationwide, including Beijing and Wuxi. In these locations, Sumitomo Chemical manufactures and sells polarized films for LCD panels or high-purity chemicals for semiconductors.

High purity chemicals for semiconductors are mostly used for precision cleaning in semiconductor technologies.
With the increasing demand for electronic devices and the continuous expansion of the semiconductor industry in China, the demand for high purity chemicals for semiconductors is expected to increase strongly over the years.

Source : worldofchemicals

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