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Next Mega Project: PETROCHEMICAL INVESTMENTS. Reha Gür, President of the Plastics Industrialists' Association (PAGDER), drawing attention to the necessity of focusing on the chemical industry in the next target of localization, said, "The new petrochemical investment should be implemented under the leadership of the public."

Plastic Industrialists' Association (PAGDER) is the term president and representatives from 36 organizations are present. Chemical Industry Platformled by the (KSP) 9th Chemical Industry Development Councilwas held in Ankara on 14-15 February 2018. Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Hasan Ali Çelik opened the program and Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency President Arda Ermut and Deputy Undersecretary of Science, Industry and Technology Ramazan Yıldırım also attended.

Reha Gür, President of PAGDER; New petrochemical investments are at the forefront of the projects that will reduce the import dependency of the industry and increase its competitiveness.

Common Sense: Investing in Petrochemicals Now, Now

It was emphasized that a petrochemical plant investment should be put into use without wasting time in the Council, which was attended by academicians, non-governmental organizations and representatives of public institutions. In the Council, where it is stated that the move that will make a leap in the added value created by the chemical industry is the petrochemical investment; In order to reduce dependence on imports, for high value-added products and for high-scale employment, invest in petrochemicals right now”.
Gür: There are olive trees in the garden of European chemistry giants

Stating that chemistry investments are one of the most environmentally friendly investments, Plastic Manufacturers Association (PAGDER) President Reha GurWith today's technology, we see that chemistry investments are the investments that contribute the most to sustainability. We learned that there are olive trees in the gardens of the European chemistry giants, who are also a participant in our council. Therefore, the production made in accordance with the rules does not pollute the environment. Chemistry investments cannot be evaluated with the old technology perception. An industry that is not friendly with chemical investments cannot develop.

More than 40 sectors will be affected by the new investment

In the Council, it was stated that more than 40 sectors could be positively affected with a single investment. As a result of the new investments, inputs from many sectors such as mineral oils and fuels, plastics, rubber, composite products, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, medical products, textiles, automotive, white goods, electronics, construction, and telecommunication will be supplied locally.

Highlights of the 9th Chemical Industry Development Council:

1. The issue of the location of the investment should be resolved as soon as possible. It is very important to finalize the feasibility studies between alternatives.
2. Infrastructure investment should be made by the state.
3. We should create an industrial complex with an international port. We can apply the landlord model to have private management.
4. The current incentive system is not suitable for financing. Petrochemical investment is a national project and the financing model of national projects should also be special.
5. Resources such as Turkey Wealth Fund, public offering, development bank partnership, foreign investors with domestic partners can be put into use for financing.
6. The magic that will attract investors is having excellent infrastructure. The determinant in petrochemical investments is the perfection of the physical, legal, tax and social infrastructure. Otherwise, it's not about owning the raw material.
7. Regulations should be made in the SCT, which prevents investment.
8. The difference of Turkey's petrochemical investment should be logistics access.
9. The cluster model should be based on the petrochemical investment project. It should also be able to produce intermediate input chemicals.

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