From Chemistry to Renewable Energy, 19 Firms and Projects to Incentive Have Been Determined!

From Chemistry to Renewable Energy, 19 Firms and Projects to Incentive Have Been Determined! 19 projects belonging to 23 companies that will benefit from the Project Based Incentive System have been announced.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Economy, the total amount of investments to be supported within the scope of the system reaches 135 billion liras.

Within the scope of the system, which will support 4 projects of BMC and 2 projects of SASA, incentive certificates will be issued for 23 investment projects. Alvi Medica, Assan, Atayurt, CFS, Dow Aksa, Ekore, Ersan, İpek Furniture, Most Makine, Siirt Bakır, Metcap Energy, TUSAŞ, Oyak Renault, Yıldız Metalurji, Vestel, Sütaş and Tosyalı investments will benefit from incentives.

Vestel will make the biggest investment that will benefit from investment incentives with a 28 billion 396 million lira project for electric vehicle energy storage systems.

Renewable energy technologies, metallurgy investments, crude oil processing refineries, petrochemical products, carbon fiber and composite materials, medical devices and health technologies, rail system vehicles, defense industry technologies, motor vehicles-electronics, agricultural technology investments that will be supported due to their strategic qualities and technological features With its projects, it is expected to create direct employment for approximately 35 thousand people and indirect employment for 134 thousand people.

It is envisaged that the products subject to these investment projects will create a positive impact of $19 billion annually on the current account deficit.

Project Based Incentive Systemwith investors; Customs Duty exemption, VAT exemption, VAT refund for building construction expenditures, Corporate Tax deduction up to 2 times the investment amount or Corporate Tax exemption up to 10 years, employer's share of insurance premium support for up to 10 years, Income Tax withholding support for 10 years, qualified personnel support will benefit from supports such as interest or profit share support for up to 10 years, capital contribution, energy support up to 10 years, allocation of investment location and transfer of the said real estate to the investor free of charge under certain conditions, infrastructure support, public procurement guarantee for the investment loan used in the financing of the investment.

When the Metal Recovery and Integrated Fertilizer Plant in Mardin's Mazıdağı district, which was supported under the system last year, is included, the total number of projects that will benefit from the incentives is 24, and the investment amount is 137,4 billion TL.

The projects to be supported by the Project Based Incentive System, their investment locations, their investment amounts and their contribution to employment are as follows:


The production issues of the companies that are entitled to receive the incentive certificate are among the investments that will be supported on a project basis due to their strategic qualities and technological features.

– Renewable Energy Technologies (Integrated solar panel production with ingot and cell production)
– Metallurgical Investments (Aluminum flat product, integrated mining, zinc ingot, lead ingot, smelting and cathode copper production, etc.)
– Crude Oil Processing Refinery
– Petrochemical Products (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polymer-Chips, PTA-MEG etc.)
– Carbon Fiber and Composite Material
– Medical Devices and Health Technologies (Catheter, stent, heart valve production)
– Rail System Vehicles (High-speed train, subway, etc.)
– Defense Industry Technologies (Various armored vehicles, combat aircraft)
– Motor Vehicles-Electronics (Hybrid engine, diesel engine and battery production)
– Agricultural Technologies Investments (Integrated technical livestock)

Source : Milliyet

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