Regulation to Change the Chemistry of the Chemical Industry

Regulation to Change the Chemistry of the Chemical Industry. A new era awaits the chemical industry, which is Turkey's third largest exporting sector.

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, which represents 27 percent of the Turkish chemical industry, organized the Process Safety Symposium and Exhibition to discuss the new regulations expected to change the balance in the chemical industry. The two-day Symposium, which started at The Green Park Pendik Hotel and Congress Center on May 14, 2018, brought together legislators, auditors, company owners, industry employees, educators and certification bodies.

Chemical industry meets new regulation

It has been implemented in the European Union countries in order to prevent major industrial accidents and to minimize the damage of possible accidents to people and the environment. SEVESO DirectivesIt will be implemented in Turkey in its most up-to-date form. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security is about to complete its work on a new draft regulation that will reduce the risk of major industrial accidents to one in a million. The Regulation on the Prevention and Mitigation of Major Industrial Accidents, which includes the SEVESO Directives, which are expected to be updated in July 2018. petrochemical, plastic, paint, cosmetics and insulation materials will usher in a new era for the industry. Process Safety Symposium and ExhibitionWhen this new regulation discussed in . is updated, many sanctions await companies.

High cost to companies

Process Safety Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee and Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Assembly Member Hasan Şerefhan, in his opening speech, drew attention to the fact that the chemical industry, which is one of Turkey's leading sectors, can progress in more efficient conditions, that the industry has new duties in terms of national security, protection of the environment and, above all, human health.

Şerefhan stated that the chemical industry will have to review all its processes in the process of complying with the SEVESO Directives, and this will also provide companies with the opportunity to measure their efficiency and make the necessary improvements. Pointing out that a major industrial accident can cause major destruction that may lead to the closure of the company, Şerefhan pointed out that it is extremely critical not only for the country but also for the companies that companies reduce their risks to one per million.

Underlining that the costs of complying with the SEVESO Directives are extremely high for companies in the increasing competition conditions, Şerefhan shared the information that they negotiated incentive support and what can be done in order not to experience any disruption in the production processes of the sector with the Ministry officials.

EU funds available for investments

Çınar Ulusoy, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, stated in his opening speech that they are very happy to host such an event, which is extremely important for the sector. Pointing out that 27 percent of the chemical industry operates in Kocaeli, Ulusoy stated that the province with the highest number of companies within the scope of SEVESO Directives is Kocaeli. Expressing that there are large investments waiting for companies in the harmonization process of SEVESO Directives, which is critical for national security, Ulusoy underlined that they demanded the use of European Union funds or the introduction of an incentive and support mechanism. Ulusoy also announced that they aim to make the Process Safety Symposium and Exhibition, the first of which they organized this year, traditional.

About SEVESO Directives:

The Seveso Directives, developed for the prevention and mitigation of major industrial accidents, were adopted by the European Union for the prevention and control of similar accidents, after the accident that took place in the town of Seveso, Italy in 1976. The Regulation on the Control of Major Industrial Accidents, which includes the SEVESO Directives, which was first published in our country in 2010 and revised in 2013, will be updated once again in July 2018.

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