The Chemical Industry Is Getting Ready To Open To International Markets With TURKCHEM 2018 Fairs

The Chemical Industry is Getting Ready to Open to International Markets with TURKCHEM 2018 Fairs. İKMİB President Adil Pelister said that the chemical industry has the power to increase its competitiveness and efficiency by turning the crisis into an opportunity. The chemical industry, which provides employment to 300 thousand people and is one of the five sectors that realizes more than half of Turkey's exports, managed to reach 2018 billion 9 million dollars export figures in the first seven months of 914 by overcoming the obstacles in global trade in the last period.

The chemical industry, which increased its exports by 24,25 percent in July compared to the previous year and attracted attention as the third most exporting sector, was held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 8-10 November, under the umbrella of International Chemistry Fairs TURKCHEM 2018, ChemShow Eurasia, ChemLab Eurasia. and ChemTech Eurasia, it is preparing to open up to new international markets.

Stating that the International Chemistry Fairs TURKCHEM 2018, which is held every two years, is preparing to provide a more efficient exhibition experience to its exhibitors and visitors with its new concept, Artkim Fairs General Director Cengiz YAMAN said, “TURKCHEM 2018 is the most comprehensive chemistry platform in Turkey and the EMEA Region. This year, we will bring together 20 direct participants from 300 countries, more than 1.000 companies and company representatives, and more than 70 professional visitors from 12.000 countries under the same roof for 3 days. While offering export opportunities to our exhibitors and visitors, we will host events that draw attention to the latest innovations and problems in the chemical industry.”

“We believe that the tension with the USA will be resolved as soon as possible with common sense”

While the world's total foreign trade volume is around 16 trillion, the chemical industry receives a 4 percent share from the global trade volume with 25 trillion dollars. The share of the chemical industry, which is the 2017rd largest exporting sector in Turkey with 16,1 billion dollars in 3, in our country's total trade volume of 160 billion dollars is 10 percent.

Turkey has a significant growth potential to increase its share in the global chemical trade; Pointing out that in order to achieve the desired growth, high value-added products should be produced and therefore technological developments and financing should be given importance in production, Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) President Adil Pelister evaluated the recent developments with the USA. “In global trade, the rules are changing and the pieces are being redistributed. In July 2018, we exported the most to the USA with 2017 million 173,18 thousand dollars, a record increase of 171 compared to July 424. This was the highest export figure we have made to the USA in the last 5 years. As the industry, we believe that the recent tension with the USA will be resolved as soon as possible with common sense.”

President of İKMİB Fair Pelister He continued as follows: “Our chemical industry, which has contributed significantly to the country's economy by providing employment to approximately 300 thousand people, is in the position of Turkey's 3rd largest exporting industry. The upward acceleration we achieved in exports in 2017 continues in 2018 as well. Our chemical industry managed to reach an export figure of 9 billion 914 million dollars in the first seven months of the year. In July 2018, we increased our exports by 24.25 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 1 billion 482 million dollars export figures in one month.

Underlining that the chemical industry has the power to increase its competitiveness and efficiency by turning the crisis into an opportunity, Pelister said, “Our focus is on exports. As İKMİB, we support TURKCHEM 8, the most comprehensive International Chemical Industry Fairs of the EMEA Region and Turkey, which will be held in Istanbul between 10-2018 November, and we will take place with wide participation as an industry. Middle East, North African countries, Turkic Republics, Russia, Ukraine etc. Many target markets such as professional buyers and participants from our country will be at the fair. In addition, we will organize a Procurement Committee simultaneously with the TURKCHEM 2018 Fair under the coordination of the TR Ministry of Economy and the organization of the İKMİB General Secretariat. As the chemical industry, we will make the best use of this opportunity that will bring us to new and alternative markets.”

In the events of TURKCHEM 2018 Fairs, which are held every two years; The latest scientific and technological developments in the chemical industry will be discussed.

International Chemical Industry Fairs TURKCHEM will be at Istanbul Expo Center between 8-10 November 2018, 'ChemShow Eurasia: 8th International Special, Specific Chemicals, General Chemicals, Petrochemical and Chemical Intermediate Products Fair', 'ChemLab Eurasia: 8th International Laboratory, Technology, Test & Measurement Equipment Fair' and 'ChemTech Eurasia: 8th International Chemical Process and Automation Industry, Packaging, Recycling, Logistics, Occupational Safety and Environmental Technologies Fair' are organized in 3 main categories. TURKCHEM 2018, the most comprehensive exhibition of the chemical industry in Turkey and the EMEA Region, and the single and largest exhibition in the Eurasian Region, will be held in 3 halls in the event areas, to be held by exhibitors, academics and associations and the latest innovations and technologies of the industry will be discussed. and host technical presentations.

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