Who Is The Mind Deep?

Zihni Derin (born 1880, Muğla – died 25 August 1965, Ankara), Turkish agriculturalist, educator. He led the initiation and spread of tea agriculture in Turkey; He is known as the "father of tea". in 1880 [more…]

Who is Engin Arik

Who is Engin Arık?

Engin Arık (14 October 1948 – 30 November 2007) was a Turkish particle physicist and a former professor at Boğaziçi University, Department of Physics. It is believed that thorium mining can be a clean and economical solution to the energy problem. [more…]


Who is Şenol Şenkaya?

Yeşim Textile CEO Şenol Şankaya will represent the Turkish apparel and apparel industry at the International Apparel Federation (IAF), one of the world's largest federations. Will be held in Hong Kong from 5-7 October [more…]