Who is İlber Ortaylı?

On May 21, 1947, the Crimean Tatar was born to a family in Bregenz, Austria. He emigrated to Turkey with her family at age two. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul Austrian High School. He graduated from Ankara Atatürk High School in 1965.

Academic Career of İlber Ortaylı

He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography in 1970. He became a student of Şerif Mardin, Halil İnalcık, Mümtaz Soysal, Seha Meray, İlhan Tekeli, Mübeccel Kıray. In addition, his classmates included Zafer Toprak, Mehmet Ali Kılıçbay and Ümit Arslan.

He studied Slavic and eastern European languages ​​at the University of Vienna. He did his master's studies with Halil İnalcık at the University of Chicago. In 1974, he became an associate professor in the same Faculty with his thesis titled “Local administrations after Tanzimat” in 1979 at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and his work named “German population in the Ottoman Empire”.

He resigned from his job in response to the political sanctions imposed on universities in 1982. During this period, he gave lectures, seminars and conferences in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Princeton, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Strasbourg, Ioannina, Sofia, Kiel, Cambridge, Oxford and Tunisia.

In 1989, the professor was returning to Turkey between the years 1989 to 2002 and was president of the department of history of the administration of the department of political science at Ankara University.

In 2002, he passed to Galatasaray University and two years later to Bilkent University as a visiting lecturer. He is currently teaching Turkish Law History at Galatasaray University law school and MEF University Law School. He is a member of Galatasaray University Senate. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of İlke Education and Health Foundation and Cappadocia Vocational School.

In 2005, he became the director of the Topkapı Palace Museum. Ortaylı, who remained in this position for seven years, retired from the age limit in 2012 and transferred the task to Haluk Dursun, director of the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Ortaylı is a member of the Board of International Ottoman Studies Committee and a member of the European Iranology Society and the Austrian-Turkish Sciences Forum. In 2018, he became the ministry consultant of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The 2004 winners of the Disaster Inan History Research Award, which is given every two years with the cooperation of the History Foundation and the Âfet Inan family, were determined by the jury, including İlber Ortaylı. He participated in İzmir Book Fair in 2009. He attended the opening and closing sessions of the international symposium titled “Abdulmecit I and his era in the 150th anniversary of his death” organized by the National Palaces Department at Dolmabahçe Palace.

He speaks intermediate German, Russian, English, French, Italian and Persian and a good level of Latin. Stating that he did not use a computer in a television program he participated in, that he wrote the biography of others with wrong information and was inconvenient, Ortaylı denied that he knew moderate Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

Private Life of İlber Ortaylı

In 1981, Mersin senator Dr. Talip Özdolay's daughter married to Ayşe Özdolay and she had a daughter named Tuna from this marriage. Divorced in 1999.

Ortaylı has declared that he does not like to use computers and the internet, and has explained many times that none of the accounts opened on his behalf in any social media site belongs to him. İlber Ortaylı also has a large collection of miniature cars that he has accumulated with great passion and care since childhood.

Awards Received by İlber Ortaylı

Professor Dr. In addition to his work titled Family in Ottoman History, İlber Ortaylı, his works in the field of history since the early 1970s, his published articles and books, his efforts to popularize the science of history, his activities in popularizing history to Turkish people of all ages, his scientific activities abroad and the importance of Turkish historiography in the international arena. Considering having a name, he was awarded the 2001 Aydın Doğan Award in history.

Professor of the "Lazio between Europe and the Mediterranean" award in the field of social and cultural history at the Mediterranean Festival, which was launched by the Lazio regional administration in Italy in 2006 and is expected to continue every year. Dr. It was deemed appropriate to give to İlber Ortaylı.

In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed with Russia and the Russian language by spreading the cultural heritage of the countries and peoples was awarded the Pushkin Medal from Turkey Ortaylı given to the person who makes the approach to each other.

İlber Ortaylı's Works

  • Local Authorities After Tanzimat (1974)
  • Evolution of the municipality in Turkey (along with İlhan Tekeli, 1978)
  • Turkey Administrative History (1979)
  • German Penetration in the Ottoman Empire (1980)
  • From Tradition to the Future (1982)
  • The Longest Century of the Empire (1983)
  • Local Government Tradition from Tanzimat to the Republic (1985)
  • Pages from Istanbul (1986)
  • English: Studies on Ottoman Transformation (1994)
  • Kadi in the Ottoman Empire as a Man of Law and Administration (1994)
  • Turkey Administration Introduction to History (1996)
  • Ottoman Family Structure (2000)
  • Journey to the Limits of History (2001)
  • Economic and Social Change in the Ottoman Empire (2001)
  • Republican Turkey from the Ottoman heritage (along with Taha Akyol, 2002)
  • Ottoman Peace (2004)
  • Peace Bridges: Turkish Schools Opening to the World (2005)
  • Rediscovering the Ottoman-1 (2006)
  • Forty Warehouse Talks (2006)
  • Rediscovering the Ottoman-2 (2006)
  • Old World Travel Book (2007)
  • Europe and Us (2007)
  • On the Way to Westernization (2007)
  • Rediscovering the Ottoman-3 (2007)
  • Topkapı Palace with its Venues and Events (2007)
  • Life in the Ottoman Palace (2008)
  • Our History and Us (2008)
  • In the Footsteps of History (2008)
  • In the Light of History (2009)
  • Recent History of Turkey (2010)
  • Portraits From My Notebook (2011)
  • In the Shadow of History (with Taha Akyol) (2011)
  • Facts of Recent History, Timaş Publishing (2012)
  • First Century of the Republic 1923-2023, Timaş Publishing (2012)
  • İlber Ortaylı Seyahatnamesi, Timaş Publishing (2013)
  • The Last Breath of the Empire, Timaş Publishing (2014)
  • Old World Travel Book, Timaş Publishing (2014)
  • History of Turks, From the Steppes of Central Asia to the Gates of Europe, Timaş Publishing (2015)
  • The History of Turks, From the Steppes of Anatolia into Europe, Timaş Publishing (April 2016)
  • Ittihat ve Terakki (2016)
  • Kadi in the Ottoman State as a Man of Law and Administration (2016)
  • Looking at the Ottoman Empire Modernization (2016)
  • Pages from Istanbul (2016)
  • The Golden Age of Turks (2017)
  • Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (2018)
  • How To Live A Life? (2019)

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