Who is Ali Durmaz?

Bulgarian town of Kardzhali city Rusalsko Light in the village of Ali Durmaz was born in 1935, it comes to Turkey in the year 1950, leaving everything in Bulgaria, and they begin to live in Bursa Mudanya. Durmaz work with determination to never compromise the business discipline throughout his life, beginning in the first year of business life in Turkey, Ali earned him the nickname the Germans.

In 1956, Durmaz's shop in the Archers Bazaar was destroyed in a fire. Durmaz, who managed to cover some of his loss because he insured his shop 6 months ago, keeps a new shop without a break and continues his work here.

Durmaz, which produced textile machines when it first established its business, continues these machines for 37 years. While many tradesmen locked their doors due to the 1960 coup and the economic recession that followed, Durmaz also stepped into the production of hair treatment machines by ordering four hair clippers from the 'stobacilar' who came to visit. These scissors become the 'pupils' of Ali Durmaz after years.

Ali Durmaz chose to work hard. His life was set up to work and serve his country. He works too hard and gets very angry with lazy people. For him, even having fun took place in the middle of work. Durmaz said, “I have never taken a vacation, and I don't even understand why my Sundays are a holiday. I also come to the factory on Sundays. For me, he would say 7 days a week and 7 days a working day”. It introduced the name of Bursa and Turkey to the world with the machines they produced. He provided employment to many people in his factories and helped immigrants from Bulgaria by hiring them during their hard times. Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Ali Durmaz, the founder of the company, was a graduate of Industrial Vocational High School and spoke German.

Ali Durmaz, who passed away on 07.11.2004, was a member of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BUSIAD, founding member of Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering-Architecture Technology Foundation, Member of the Board of Textile Engineering High Advisory Board, and also took part in various charities and associations.

The most important principle of Ali Durmaz in his life is the understanding of work he adopts and wants to spread and his advice to the next generation:

“Do The Best And The Best Quality You Do.”

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