Who is Tomris Uyar?

Tomris Uyar, who died at the age of 17 just 62 years ago and left us, was remembered again with his doodle. Here is the life and works of Tomris Uyar

Tomris Uyar (15 March 1941 - 4 July 2003) Turkish story writer and translator. He was educated at the British Girls Secondary School, Arnavutköy American Girls College, now known as Robert College (1961). He graduated from the Journalism Institute of Istanbul University Faculty of Economics (1963).

The essay, criticism and book promotion articles of Uyar, who is one of the founders of Papyrus magazine with Cemal Düzenya and Ülkü Tamer, has been published in magazines such as Yeni Dergi, Abstract, Varlık. He won the Gift of Sait Faik Story in 1979 with Journey to the Summer and 1986 by Summer Journey from ten compilation. The diaries of Uyar, whose more than 60 translations have been published, have been published under the general title of "Gündoğan". He received the Sait Faik Story Gift with the Story of Bukkagi and Journey to Summer story books.

The marriage of Tomris Uyar, who made his first marriage with poet Ülkü Tamer, ends when his daughters named Eylül are drowned.

Tomris Uyar is married to the poet Turgut Uyar and they have a son, who is an instructor at ITU, Hayri Turgut Uyar. The burial of the author, who died in 2003 due to cancer, is at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

fits tomris
fits tomris

Tomris Uyar's Works

  • Silk and Copper (1971),
  • Payments and Şahmeran Story (1973),
  • Knee-Length Daisies (1975),
  • Solstice 75 (1977),
  • The Heartbreak (1979),
  • Summer Dreams, Dream Winters (1981),
  • Voices, Faces and Streets (1981),
  • Night Wanderers (1983),
  • Russian Roulette, Turn Back Look (collective stories, 1985),
  • Sediment of the Days (1985),
  • Journey to Summer (1986),
  • Written Days (1989),
  • Eighth Sin (1990),
  • Woman of the Thirties (1992),
  • The Thing Among Us (1997),
  • Confrontations: An Incompatible Notes (2000),
  • Fine Writing Book (2002).
  • Solstice I and Solstice II (2003).

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