Who is Abdürrahim Karakoç?

Abdürrahim Karakoç (7 April 1932, Kahramanmaraş - 7 June 2012, Ankara), Turkish poet, journalist.


He was born in Kahramanmaraş, Ekinözü, in April 1932. Since his grandfather, father and siblings were also poets, he became interested in poetry at an early age. His first poems were in a volume of two books, but he disliked them and burned them, and the ones he wrote since 1958 were published under the name "Hasan'a Letters" in 1964.

In 1958, he entered the civil service as a municipal accountant in his town. He retired in March 1981.

The multiplicity of his struggling poems is due to circumstances. The May 27 Coup, vigorous forces, democracy antics and injustices fueled satire poems. He was tried nearly thirty times and was acquitted of all charges. The lawyer did not work, he always defended himself. He was not at peace with any government.

He started working as a journalist in 1985. He took part in the founding of the Great Union Party and entered politics. Then he left politics. He answered in an interview why he entered and why he left: “I entered for the sake of Allah, I left for the sake of Allah".


Unfounded news was published in Radikal newspaper on April 2012, 24 about the death of Karakoç, who had been treated in Konya for a while due to the infection in his lungs in 2012, during which time Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç visited the artist on 25 April 2012 at the hospital where he was treated. 

Karakoç passed away on June 7, 2012 while in intensive care at Gazi University Medical Faculty Hospital. He was buried in Bağlum district cemetery in Ankara-Keçiören. 


  • Mihriban (1960)
  • Letters to Hasan (1965)
  • Hand in the Ear (1969)
  • Shoot Order (1973)
  • Blood Writing (1978)
  • I Couldn't Wet The Waters (1983)
  • The Fifth Season (1985)
  • Towards the Friendly, Mind Struck (1994)
  • Banned Dreams (2000)
  • Gravity (2000)
  • Necklace - I (2000)
  • Necklace - II (2002)
  • Fingerprint (2002)
  • Rain falls from the ground (2002)
  • Spring in Anatolia (2007)
  • Thought Articles (1990)

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