Who is Ayhan Işık?

Ayhan Işık (real name Ayhan Işıyan) (born May 5, 1929, Izmir - death date June 16, 1979, Istanbul), Turkish film actor, producer, director, screenwriter, sound artist and painter, nicknamed "Crownless King".

As the last child of a Thessaloniki immigrant family with six children on the morning of May 1929, 5, Ayhan Işık was born in a two-storey historical Greek house on the Mithatpaşa Street in the district of Karataş in the Izmir district of Izmir, as a “boat scrap of the family of Işıyan family”. “My childhood days have passed with known mischiefs and their consequences. I've always worried my mother. ” Işık adds in his memoirs, "Hayatım", which he started writing in the second half of the 1970s and published as a serial after his death.

At the age of six; “… I remember very little about him now. But the smell is the most… Some nights come to me and hug me, sleep together. Once, he took him to fishing, and on his return, he took it on his back and removed the stairs. That's all… I always forced my memory about it. Işık, who lost his father who he remembered by saying “to remember more, never to forget what I remember…” begins to complete the first few years of his education in İzmir and most of them next to his older brother Mithat Özer, who had settled in Istanbul for university education years ago. After a few years; The brother, who was lost at a very young age, is always a model personality for Işık. Işık, who stated that he always took an example of his progress in the field of painting and started working while he was 12 years old to help the livelihood of the house after his death, will also tell him that he dreamed of going to Paris for his upper education while he was at the academy in the following years.

Education Life of Ayhan Işık

Işık, who had difficulties in Istanbul for the first time, tells us in one of his interviews that he found himself in a very nice environment: “Mahir İz was the school principal, Salah Birsel principal advisor, Rıfat Ilgaz to literature, Blind Galip, loyal to physical education, and Akbaba Celal to geography. What more could I ask for… ”Some of the schoolmates here are screenwriter Safa Önal, cartoonist Ferruh Doğan and painter-cartoonist Semih Balcıoğlu. Işık, who later took lessons from Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu at the Fine Arts Academy Painting Department, is in the Tens Group with her friends here. Its purpose is to create East-West synthesis in Turkish painting; Fikret Otyam, Altan Erbulak, Remzi Raşa, Adnan Varınca, Nedim Günsür, Orhan Peker, Turan Erol, and Semih Balcıoğlu and Ferruh Doğan, who have been friends since high school, in the group that has a “Folk Art Resources” and a technique “Colorist and Lekeci”. takes place. Işık, who stated that he was mostly influenced by the impressionism movement in one of his interviews and that he was most influenced by Claude Monet in this sense, works as a painter in Bab-ı Ali for a while but he was pushed to his background in painting when he entered the contest opened by Yıldız Magazine in 1952. His orientation towards cinema begins. He wins the competition with the first place and goes to the cinema. A year later, in 1953, he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy Painting Department.

Ayhan Işık's Career

After his work with the poet, screenwriter and director Orhon Murat Arıburnu in his first film, Ömer Lütfü, who completed the Transition Period in Turkish Cinema and accepted as an entrance to the Filmmakers' Period in his second film, gains great fame with the film Kanun Namına. Cinema continues to be its first priority even though it continues to work on painting later in life. In the 1950s, with Ömer Lütfü Akad, Işık made the films of British Kemal Lawren, Against British Kemal Lawren, Murderer, Killing City, I Love a Wild Girl, Sister Bullet, Atıf Yılmaz and Şimal Yıldızı, Osman Seden and 1957 A Handful Soil. In 1959, he wants to go to Hollywood and try his luck there. But he can't work in the movies here. When asked for the reason for this: 5000 people are waiting there. They also have many ingenuities. They jump and roll over in the air. They speak English like their mother tongue. There is no bread for us. Işık explained in the early 60s and returned to Yeşilçam with the movie Bus Passengers, written by Vedat Türkali. He translates the movie Tricycle, which will be his last work with Akad, and is screened by Vedat Türkali from a novel by Orhan Kemal. Işık was also highly appreciated by the public with her serial films, the Little Lady, which she translated during these periods, and in the ongoing period, she won the title of 'Crownless King'. In the 1970s, movie stars started to appear on stage and fill plaques in a new fashion wind. She herself fits this fashion and takes lessons from Münir Nurettin Selçuk, takes the stage in the classical Turkish music branch and fills a 45-record record. In many styles, Işık, who is able to fill his eyes with his talent, offers examples of drama, political, romantic, comedy, adventure and other styles in cinema. Translates up to 140 movies. Işık, who has been contributing to Turkish cinema as a producer, director and screenwriter since 1975, makes the films La Mano Che Nutre La Morte and Le Amanti Del Mostro, which he made with Italian producers and shared with Klaus Kinski. Films will hit theaters in Italy and some European countries, but is subject to censorship in Turkey, and Turkey can not meet with the audience in no time.

Death of Ayhan Işık

Işık, who woke with severe headache and vomiting in the summer house in Kıyıkent, Selimpaşa against the morning of June 13, 1979, was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage as a result of aneurysm rupture in the clinic where he was hospitalized with the notice that his father-in-law was in good condition, and could not be saved at the end of the three-day coma process. He died on June 16, 1979. His grave is at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

All Movies in Chronological Order 

Year Movie Role
1951 Yavuz Sultan Selim and Janissary Hasan Janissary Hasan
1952 Against British Kemal Lawrense Ahmet Esat / British Kemal
For the Law Nazim Usta
1953 Blood Money
Join Kemal
Wild Desire
Killing City Ali
1954 I liked a wild girl Captain Adil
Şimal Star Lieutenant Kemal
1955 Sister Bullet Orhan
1956 Ape of Vengeance ekrem
1957 A Handful of Soil Omer
1958 Let's Die Together
Unknown Heroes Osman
1960 In Our Pursuit of Death Burhan
Anger of the Giants Wind Halil
Bloody Escape Tahir Somyürek
There Is Fire Old Istanbul Bullies Murad Reis
1961 Bus Passengers Bus Driver Kemal
Wanderer Mustafa Wanderer Mustafa
Either he or me Sincere
Little Lady Omer Sahinoglu
Sweet Sin Fikret
Superior to love Major Kemal
Cute Bandit Osman
1962 Tricycle Ali
Young Lady in Europe Omer
Zorlu Groom Necdet / Hasan
Bitter life Mehmet
Allah Said Love You
The Lady of the Lady Omer Sahinoglu
Double Wedding
The Fortune of the Little Lady
One of Rıfat Rifat
Troubled Grandchild Namik
1963 Bahriyeli Ahmet Bahriyeli Ahmet
Confused Father Kemal
First Eye Pain Turgut
Susceptible Suat
Little Brain Fortune Suat
Two Husband Women
Broken Key
Halal Ali Ali Abi Ali
King of Adventures Erol
Come slowly, my beauty Ayhan Kocairfanoglu
Wounded Lion Ayhan
Ayşecik My Heart Orhan
1964 My king friend Ayhan Gunes
Fast Survivors Orhan
Across the Law Selim
The Gorgeous Tramp Naci
Kiss My Mother's Hand Tarik
Women's Tailor
Folk Boy Ahmet
The Killer's Daughter Ayhan
My Coach
Country Girl Necmi
Hizir Dede Orhan
Fantastic Cousins Fikret Soylu / Ahmet
Coiffeur Erol
King of Drivers Hasan
1965 Firecracker Necmi Firecracker Necmi
For My Honor Murata
Joy Tears Ayhan Cakmak
Endless Nights Osman
Forbidden Paradise
If the woman wants Merchant İrfan Ersoy
Road to the Sun Nazmi Ozdemir
College Girl's Love Ayhan
Repairman Part Iron
Number of Minutes Tarik
Daughter of the driver Ayhan Gurhan
1966 We have ordered Istanbul
Shoot Order Ali
The law is mine Orhan / Tarik
The prisoner of death Ahmet
Istanbul in Terror Kemal
Black Cars Kenan
Golden Man Murata
Murderers also cry Murata
Revenge of the Gambler Murat Soylu
Lion claw Ismail Sonmez
Knives Fora Orhan
1967 Iron wrist
Lonely man
Little Lady Bülent
Great Grudge Omer
Kings Don't Die Agent Murat
Time of Death Ahmet
Red Danger
They murdered me Ali
Lionheart Bully Black haydar
King of the Nights Kenan
Mustafa from Galata Mustafa
Painful Days Turgut
Pride in Destruction Bülent
1968 Plums Bloomed Orhan
1969 The man that I love Murata
Not in the morning Ahmet / Orhan
Guardians of Ayşecik Home Murata
Snake Line Orhan
Wire netting Omer
Fact Captain Kemal
Cingöz Recai Cingöz Recai
Guardians of Ayşecik Home Murata
The man of my life Ferit Akman / Sedat Caglayan
Fire in Karlıdağ Yusuf
1970 It's Not Easy To Live orhan
The Lady of the Lady
The Man in the Shadow ekrem
Till I die Nexhat
Letter from Dungeon Ali
Champion Nihat
Let's Die If We Die Akmeşeli Dinar
Eagle of the Mountains Shehmuz
Stolen Life Mehmet Guler
All Love Begins Sweet Murata
1971 I Live With Honor Murata
My everything is you Ahmet / Feridun
I'm Not Afraid of Death Murata
Angel of Fatos Streets Murata
Sezercik Yavrum Mine Tarik
Beyoğlu Law Vedat
1972 Big Trouble Murata
Lawman Big Wolf
Broken Ladder Kemal
Destiny Passengers Omer
White Wolf Mustafa
Twenty Years Later Nazim Usta
1973 If you have a daughter, you have a problem Adnan
Black haydar Black haydar
The Breath of Death (La Mano che Nutre La Morte) Doctor Igor
1975 Poppy Şahin
Hara-kiri Typhoon
1976 Organization
Kana Kan Ali
1977 Fire C. Prosecutor Selçuk Ünver
1979 Death is mine

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