Who is Ayten Alpman?

Ayten Alpman (10 October 1929, Istanbul - 20 April 2012, Istanbul) is a Turkish pop music and jazz artist. He is known for his hometown song.


He completed his primary education in Nişantaşı Girls High School and Erenköy Girls High School. After high school, she started the program in Istanbul Radio with the offer of İlham Gencer as a soloist. Later, he met Arif Mardin and started singing jazz songs with his encouragement.


He married İlham Gencer in 1953 and left his wife in 1960. In 1959, the first plate was published as Sayonara / Passion Flower stone plate. In 1963 he went to Sweden to work, three years after he returned to Turkey. He started singing in Turkish at the insistence of Fecri Ebcioğlu and his first work was published as a 45-year record entitled Inan Bana / We Left Alone. He made several works with Sezen Cumhur Önal.

He married Ümit Aksu in 1968. He made his first big break with Fecri Ebcioğlu with Sensiz Olamam. The plate of My Home is My Hometown, which was written in 1972 and written by Fikret Şeneş, did not attract much attention. When "My Hometown" started playing in TRT with the Cyprus Operation in 1974 very often, the song was released again as a 45-record record and reached great sales figures. This song, which is the arrangement of a traditional Jewish folk song called Rabe Elimelekh and voiced by Mireille Mathieu, has become a national anthem in Fikret Şeneş's Turkish words.

Alpman, who performed two long player studies, underwent surgery on nodules formed in the vocal cords in 1995. An album of his favorite songs was released by Ada Music in 1999. He did not continue his stage work professionally and only gave jazz concerts from time to time.


Ayten Alpman was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Istanbul Jazz Festival, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV).

death of

He died on April 20, 2012, due to pneumonia at the hospital where he was taken.


  • Believe Me / We Left Alone (1967)
  • I want to forget you, I want to run away from you / who said love is a lie (1967)
  • This Is My Last Call To You / Dislike Life (1967)
  • You Have No Right / Forget Me Not (1967)
  • And… God Made Love / My Life is Yours (1968)
  • I Dreamed / Called I Run For You (1969)
  • I Can't Be Without You / Mirrors Mirrors (1970)
  • Another is My Hometown / To Live (1971)
  • Alone / All in Love Everything Else (1973)
  • My Hometown / Unutsana (1973)
  • With Me / If You Want (1974)
  • That Morning / I Exist (1974)
  • I Walk Yana Yana / Iraq Is The Road (1974)
  • My Hometown (1974)
  • A Little Hope / Who Knows You (1975)
  • I Am Such / I Couldn't Be Happy (1975)
  • Until Dead / That Day (1975)
  • This is me (1976)
  • One Time / Why It Is Like This World Is Narrow (1977)
  • The Old 45s (1999)
  • Another is Ayten Alpman (2007)


  • Alone (1974)
  • Love Is Agony (1953)

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