Who is Şarık Tara?

Şarık Tara (born April 22, 1930, Skopje - date of death June 28, 2018, Istanbul), Turkish business person and honorary chairman of Enka Group of Companies.

Sinan Tara is the Chairman of the Holding's Board of Directors. Şarık Tara is a member of RUYİAD (Rumeli Executive and Businessmen Association) and the President of the High Advisory Council of the Association. It pays with 2014 million pounds in 37,6, Turkey has been the person who gave the maximum tax. 2015. Turkey's name was the richest with $ 2,4 billion personal fortune, according to data from 6. June 28, 2018 died.


He was born in Skopje on April 22, 1930. Her mother was at Erenköy Girls High School, she did not have a medical education because the conditions of the period were not suitable, but she was a highly cultured person, Mahmure Hanım. He is the grandson of Yiğit Bey, who was appointed by the mother as Murat's leading force commander and Yıldırım Bayezid, who was appointed to the administration of the Skopje and Kosovo region. Because they are grandchildren, they have kinship ties with Yahya Kemal. His father, Fevzi Bey, as far as he is known, is a native of Montenegro, who trades in the last three generations (they are called by this name because of the father of Tara's grandfather İbrahim Bey's father Hamza Bey - the surname of Tara comes from the Tara Mountain and Tara River in Montenegro). family is from. Fevzi Tara; He is a lawyer who studied in Skopje, Beirut and Belgrade. His father, who also served as the representative of Sanjak and southern Yugoslavia Muslims before the King of Yugoslavia, met his mother while he was a lawyer in Monastir. After completing his high school education at Şişli Terakki High School, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Construction in 1949, in 1954.

Commercial career

With the help of the Consul General of Skopje Reşat Karabuda in 1942, he first came to Istanbul and stayed with his sister Seniha Hanım. 1944, that the family also came after completing his secondary education in Sisli Progress High School and graduated from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey in 1954. After his graduation, in 1957, the husband of his sister Vildan Gülçelik (later founding ENKA Collective Company together with his brother Sadi Gülçelik, who died in an airplane accident, started contracting activities. was transformed into ENKA Holding A.Ş. in 1972. Şarık Tara was still Honorary (Honorary) President of ENKA Holding Investment Corporation, which includes many companies.


Şarık Tara, who is also a very good friend with Vehbi Koç, explained his success as follows in his interview with Vehbi Koç.

"The late Vehbi Koç asked me one day," Chargary, what kind of government is this? " He named our management style as Brother. In other words, we were different from the usual forms of management in the workplaces in the first years. The love, respect and friendship relations between us were strong. "


Sarik Tara, prepared by Turkey in 2017, Forbes' 100 Richest Turks "list ranks 2.4rd with $ 3 billion fortune.


It carries out social activities in public and private institutions, foundations and sports clubs and provides financial and moral support. Load. Eng. Şarık Tara has been awarded many awards for her business and social activities at home and abroad.


Şarık Tara died at the age of 28 due to organ failure in a private hospital in Istanbul where she was treated on June 2018, 88. Her funeral was buried in Ulus Cemetery after the funeral prayer performed in Bebek Mosque on June 30, 2018.

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