Who is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lynn López (July 24, 1969, New York), American actress, singer, fashion designer, philanthropist, business woman, dancer and producer.

He decided to join the show business after a minor role in the movie My Little Girl in 1986. As a Fly Girl dancer at In Living Color, where Lopez remained until she decided to become an actress in 1993, she got her first big job in 1991. Lopez's first lead film is a biographical film called Selena, which she starred in 1997. He was the first Latin player to earn over $ 1 million in the movie Lopez Out of Sight next year. In 1999, he entered his music career with his first studio album On the 6.

With the release of her second studio album, J. Lo and her film The Wedding Planner in 2001, Lopez is the first person to record her album and film number 1 in the same week. The remix album in 2002, J to tha L – O! The Remixes debuted at number 200 on the US Billboard 1 for the first time in history, while its fifth studio album, Como Ama una Mujer, in 2007, had the highest sales figures in the first week for a Spanish album in America. Lopez identifies himself as an important person in the film and music industries. With 75 million album sales and an increasing $ 2 billion movie sale, Lopez is the most influential Latin artist in the United States, as well as the most paid Latin actress.

Lopez's public image and private life attract the attention of the world press. Lopez's first attention-grabbing relationship is Sean Combs, who made her a companion at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Later This Is Me… Then she had an affair with Ben Affleck, who inspired her in her third studio album, when she was married to her second husband, Chris Judd. Lopez married her longtime friend Marc Anthony in 2004, and in 2008, her twins, Emme and Maximilian, were born. In 2016, Lopez's net worth was set at $ 300 million.

Jennifer Lopez became the female pioneer of Latin music and made Latin music boom. She is the third most successful female artist of the 2000s, the 3th most listened radio female artist of the 2000s, the 8th most successful dance / club artist of the 2000s, the song "Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)" 8 It was chosen the 2000nd most popular song of the years, the 2nd best pop song and the 2rd best R&B song. In 3, he won the legendary award at the World Music Awards for his outstanding contributions to art. In 2010, he earned the 2013th star on Hollywood Boulevard Road to Fame for his contribution to music.

First years
Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in Bronx, New York. He is the middle child of Puerto Rican parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. Her older sister is Leslie and her brother Lynda. When Lopez was born, her family lived in a small apartment. A few years later, his family saved money and moved to a two-story house. At the age of five, Lopez took singing and dancing lessons. At the age of seven, they went on tour with his school in New York. Lopez went to Catholic schools in her academic career. At school, Lopez did gymnastics, athletics and baseball sports. When he was 1984 years old in 15, he started dating his first boyfriend David Cruz.

While in high school, Lopez learned that a film company was looking for many young girls for small roles. And so she auditioned for the movie My Little Girl. In the film, he played Lopez Myra. After the movie, Lopez realized that she wanted to become a famous movie star. Lopez told his family that he wanted to be a movie star of his dream, but they said it was a stupid idea and no Latin did it. Because of the differences of opinion, Lopez moved from his family to Manhattan. During this time, Lopez was in the regional musicals Jesus Christ, Superstar! and starred in Oklahoma. From there he was hired in the Golden Musicals of Broadway choir and went on tour in Europe for 5 months. He was not satisfied with his role because he was the only one among the choir members who did not have a solo performance. Later, he got a job in Synchronicity show as a dancer, singer and choreographer in Japan.


1991-96: In Living Color and the beginning of his film career
In 1991, Lopez was selected as the back dancer for New Kids on the Block and danced with the Games performance at the American Music Awards. Soon after, In Living Color made her debut in the television show as Fly Girl. After finding out that a member of the team could not continue the show, he applied for work. From the 2.000 submissions, Lopez managed to make it to the finals. It was the second but when he couldn't accept the winning job, Lopez took it. He moved to Los Angeles with Cruz for the show and worked on the show until 1993. He left the show because he wanted to be an actor. The main reason for leaving the show was that for a short time he was a dancer of Janet Jackson. In late 1993, Lopez went on a world tour with Jackson, but quit his job because he wanted to do his own thing.

Lopez received her first professional acting offer in the movie Lost in the Wild (1993). In late 1993, he signed an agreement with the CBS for the Second Chances series, in which he would star. Since 1994 Northridge Earthquake damaged the set, the series was canceled after showing 6 episodes. In the same year, the shooting of the adaptation series called Hotel Malibu began. Also, the series, which was shot in a very short time, received negative reviews such as Second Chances. Lopez received her first major cinema role in the 1995 drama movie My Family, Gregory Nava, in which she played Young Maria. The movie, which also starred Esai Morales, Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos, was highly appreciated. Despite not being mentioned in the role list of the film, Lopez received the Independent Spirit Award Best Supporting Actress award. In November, he starred in the movie Money Train with Lopez Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The film received negative reviews and could not achieve the desired success with its $ 68 million budget. The film's worldwide box office revenue was $ 77 million. In August 1996, she acted as co-star in the comedy Lopez. With a budget of $ 45 million, the film's revenue in the country was $ 59 million. The movie has often received negative reviews.

1997-2000: Turning point with Selena movie and On the 6 album
In February 1997, she starred in the movie Blood and Wine with Lopez Jack Nicholson and Stephen Dorff. The film, which has a budget of $ 26 million, produced $ 1 million of box office revenue domestically because they could not advertise the film enough. But the film received positive reviews from critics. In March, she starred in the biographic film called Lopez Selena. Although she previously worked with the director of the movie on the movie My Family, Lopez was subjected to an intense sound enhancer program before taking part in the movie. With a budget of $ 20 million, it grossed $ 35 million in total domestically. After Selena withdrew, Lopez felt "really Latin root" and recorded a demo song in Spanish. Lopez's manager sent the song titled “Vivir Sin Ti” (I Live Without You) to the Work Group of Sony Music Entertainment, who was interested in Lopez.

In April, she starred in the horror movie Anaconda with Ice Cube and Jon Voight. With a $ 45 million budget, the movie grossed $ 137 million worldwide. Later in October, she starred in the crime movie U Turn with Lopez Sean Penn and Billy Bob Thornton. Based on John Ridley's Stray Dogs novel, the film has received generally positive reviews. In July, Lopez starred in the movie Out of Sight with George Clooney. Lopez received rave reviews for her performance in the film and was the first Latin actress to win over $ 1 million for a role. It grossed $ 48 million worldwide, with a budget of $ 78 million. In October, Lopez Antz voiced Azteca in the animated movie. It grossed $ 105 million worldwide, with a budget of $ 172 million.

Lopez's debut song If You Had My Love was released in May 1999. With her debut song, Lopez became the first singer to be the first on the Billboard Hot 100. During the production of the on-6 release album, Lopez was aware that he had made the album recording contract and had already created a name in the entertainment industry, he wanted to improve his musical talent. The third single of On The 6 was considered the best song by Waiting for Tonight Lopez. The song was often used as a festival anthem. Lopez's musical success surprised the critics; The beginning of his music career made the popular actor even more popular. At the end of 1999, Lopez successfully transformed himself from a movie star to a pop star. He became one of the few who succeeded.

In Germany, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for the Newcomer des Jahres international award in 2000, the other three were Tarkan, Britney Spears and Bloodhound Gang.

Lopez attended the 2000 Grammy Awards with her green Versace dress. The dress he wore attracted the attention of the media and was clicked half a million times on Grammy's website within 24 hours after the ceremony. Lopez was very surprised by this interest and said, "I didn't know the dress was going to be this much." In August, Lopez returned to the cinema with the psychological thriller The Cell, starring with Vincent D'Onofrio. With a budget of $ 33 million, the movie grossed $ 104 million worldwide.

2001-03: Rising success, J.Lo and This Is Me… Then
In the process of creating her second album, Lopez decided to slightly change her image. Because it was turning into a sex symbol. He changed the stage name to the J.Lo name given by his fans. Subsequently, J. Lo named his album, which was released on January 22, 2001. With the release of the album, it became number one in the US on Billboard 200. [31] In the same week, the romantic comedy movie The Wedding Planner, which he starred with Matthew McConaughey, became number one at the box office. This made Lopez the first artist to have the album and movie number 1 at the same time. The hit singles from the album are Love Don't Cost a Thing and Play (song). In April 2001, Lopez created his own clothing brand called J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez. In May, she starred in the romantic comedy Angel Eyes, which was disappointing at the box office. In July, he remixed the song I'm Real / I'm Real (Murder Remix) with Ja Rule. This remix reached number 100 on the Billboard Hot 34. [11] After the September XNUMX attacks, Lopez was more involved in charity activities. With the participation of other singers, What's Going On and El Ultimo Adios (Son Elveda) sang in charity songs.

On February 5, 2002, J to tha L – O! The Remixes album has been released. His debut single is Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix), which he duet with Ja Rule and placed number one in the USA. When the Remix album was released, it became number one on the Billboard 200 and for the first time a remix album became the first. It was the 1,5rd best selling remix album in history with 3 million sales in the USA. Other singles from the album are I'm Gonna Be Alright and Alive. In April 2002, Lopez opened his own restaurant, Madrè's.

In May 2002, Lopez starred in the thriller Enough. Despite the negative reviews, the movie grossed $ 52 million at the box office. In September, Lopez released her first perfume called Glow by J.Lo. The perfume, which is estimated to be unsuccessful, has become one of the best-selling perfumes in America. This Is Me… Then album was released the month he was engaged to Ben Affleck. Lopez dedicated the album to her fiance. Their worldwide successful singles were Jenny from the Block and All I Have. The album reached 2,5 million sales in the USA with its love-themed songs and powerful comments. In December 2002, she starred in the romantic comedy movie Maid in Manhattan with Ralph Fiennes. The film grossed $ 55 million worldwide, with a budget of $ 155 million. In August 2003, she starred in the romantic comedy Gigli, with Lopez Ben Affleck. With a budget of $ 54 million, the film grossed a total of $ 7 million worldwide. The film received universally negative reviews. Gigli is also among the worst movies of all time.

2004-09: Continuation of the movie success, Rebirth and Como Ama una Mujer
In March 2004, he played a minor role in the Jersey Girl movie with Ben Affleck. With a $ 35 million budget, the movie grossed $ 36 million in total. But the film received positive reviews in general. In October, she starred in the drama film Shall We Dance with Richard Gere. With a budget of $ 50 million, the film grossed over $ 170 million worldwide. The film received generally positive reviews.

In 2004, off the pretentious visit to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Lopez made friends with 11-year-old cancer patient Paige Patterson. Patterson attended the Noche de Niños opening premiere for the hospital. Lopez also received an award that night. But the morning after the gala, Patterson became even more ill and died in November 2004. “Patterson's death made me realize how important the charity was,” Lopez said. Lopez dedicated his fourth studio album, Rebirth, to Patterson. In May, she starred in the film Vay Kaynanam Vay with Jane Fonda. Lopez received $ 15 million for the role of Charlie. With a budget of $ 43 million, the movie grossed $ 155 million worldwide. But the film often received negative reviews. In August, she starred in An Unfinished Life with Lopez Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. With a $ 30 million budget, the movie grossed $ 18 million worldwide.

Bordertown, produced and played by Lopez, was premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2006. The movie was released in certain theaters in Europe, and was released in CDs in some countries without showing in theaters including America. With a $ 21 million budget, the movie grossed $ 8 million worldwide. According to the album's producer, Estéfano, Lopez's fifth studio album, Como Ama una Mujer, would prove the criticism saying "big songs require good sound" is wrong. This statement was a response to Lopez's criticism saying “there is a limited range of sounds”. Como Ama una Mujer achieved the highest one-week sales and the highest digital sales for a Spanish album. Lopez and Marc Anthony went on tour in South America on September 28. Touring grossed an estimated $ 10 million. Lopez's sixth studio album, Brave, was released in October. It has been the least-selling album of Lopez worldwide.

2010-12: Resurrection of his career, American Idol and touring
In February 2010, Lopez parted ways with Epic Records and released her seventh studio album, Love? Under the Island Records label. In April, Lopez starred in the romantic comedy The Back-up Plan after 3 years. The film grossed around $ 77 million worldwide. Despite the praise of Lopez's role by critics, the film received negative reviews. In September, it was announced that Lopez will join the 10th season of American Idol as a jury member. Most media outlets supported Lopez in this regard. In October, Lopez released her 14th perfume, Love and Glamor. The perfume was designed with inspiration from Lopez's "return to stage".

L'Oréal chose Paris Lopez as the new Global Representative and the face of the brand. Lopez's EverSleek commercial in the early months of 2011, Love? His album and jury to the American Idol was his return to the scenes. His next comeback was that he was the new Global Representative of the Venus brand. Lopez's comeback single On The Floor was later released in the same month. The song was number 1 worldwide and was named the most successful song of the year. The song has also been the most played hit on radios since Jenny from the Block. Love? His album was released in May. Lopez's next perfume was Love and Light Lopez's most successful perfume and sold over $ 2.9 million.

In January 2012, Lopez returned to the 11th season of American Idol as a jury and received $ 20 million. At the end of the same month, the new talent show Lopez Q'Viva designed by Lopez Simon Fuller! He joined The Chosen. Along with Anthony and director-choreographer Jamie King, Lopez traveled 21 Latin American countries to find new talent for the Las Vegas show. On May 18, Lopez starred in What to Expect When You're Expecting, starring with Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Matthew Morrison and Dennis Quaid. Despite all the criticism, the movie grossed $ 84 million. In late May, Lopez released the Glowing by JLo perfume.

On 14 June, he went on a world tour called Lopez Dance Again World Tour. Lopez gave a voice to the character named Shira for the Ice Age 4: Continents Leaving animation movie. The movie debuted at No. 1 at the US box office, and also grossed $ 46 million in the first week of the movie. With a budget of $ 95 million, the movie grossed $ 877 million worldwide.

Lopez's first collection album Dance Again… the Hits was released on June 24, 2012. The hit hits of the album reached No. 1 on the Dance Again and Goin's Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs list. [59] So Lopez became the 13st in the same list 1 times.

2013-present: AKA and other initiatives
In January 2013, she starred in the movie Parker with Jason Statham. Lopez's performance received positive reviews. But at the box office, the movie did not get the expected result. The black dress, which left all of her right leg exposed at the Grammy Awards next month, received negative criticism. In May, Lopez announced that he was the chief producer of nunoTV.

Inspired by her recently deceased same-sex aunt, she became the executive producer of The Fosters, about a married lesbian couple and their biological and adopted children raised together. Lopez was awarded the Ally for Equality award by the Human Rights Campaign. In June, Lopez gave a concert for the birthday of President of Turkmenistan, Kurbankulu Berdimuhammedov. His concert drew criticism. Later, Lopez's media spokesperson apologized.

Lopez has many future projects. He is the producer of the RedOne 8th studio album and will include many styles. Album Capitol Records and RedOne are expected to be released in the first months of 2101 under the name 2014 Records. The first single of the album is the Live It Up song, which he duet with Pitbull. Lopez launches her 20th perfume, JLove by JLo. Lopez returned as the jury in the 13th season of American Idol and received $ 17.5 million. In 2015, he starred in the low-budget movie The Boy Next Door and Lila and Eve. In December 2013, he made a clip for the next album, Same Girl, in Castle Hill. Her two songs to be released in her 8th studio album released Girls on January 22 and Same Girl on January 30. He released the song I Luh Ya Papi, the first single of his new album to be released in March, with a duet with French Montana. In April, he released the song We Are One (Ole Ola), which he voiced with Pitbull and Claudia Leitte for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Lopez received the "Icon Award" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Thus, she became the first female artist to receive this award.

Music Style
Lopez's voice is 2.2 octaves. It is a classical speaker and has a sound range of G3-G5 width. Lopez has sang in many musical genres throughout her career. These are Latin pop, R&B, hip hop, Rock, funk, house and salsa. As a child, Lopez was influenced by everything from Latin pop music to salsa to bachata, but in 1979 The Sugarhill Gang's song Rapper's Delight changed his life. That's why, as his music career began, he blended the Latin music he grew up with with the hip hop he loved. His first two albums featured funk, dance and urban music, as well as emotional ballads and Spanish songs.

This Is Me… Then album was inspired by the music of the 70s. In the album Rebirth, mostly hip hop and pop rock were used. In the 6th and 7th studio albums, Brave and Love? Has changed the direction of the future's dance music. Sometimes he transferred his personal experience to his songs. He described his relationship with Ben Affleck with the songs Dear Ben and He'll Be Back. Love? In his album, Until It Beats No More and One Love song are the songs that tell about Lopez's life.

Lopez was influenced by artists like Tina Turner, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Barbra Streisand.

Choreography and Stage
Lopez had a strong connection with dance since childhood. In his later years, he specialized in ballet, flamenco and jazz dance. Her career began with the comedy In Living Color. Lopez briefly became the dancer of Janet Jackson and had a major influence on her choreography. Lopez Shall We Dance? learned the dance of the movie for the movie.

Lopez is known for her energetic fullness and choreography on the stage. Sometimes she wears a one-piece stretch dress (bodysuit) in her performances. Although he was known for his playback in the first years of his music career, he performed live on the Dance Again World Tour tour.

Social Image
Lopez became a sex symbol and became one of the “most desired women in the world”. Despite this, Lopez tried the krav maga and was hired to get to the level of professional boxer. Lopez also gained a great reputation by the media for its curved lines.

Lopez's sex appeal showed that curvy lines are acceptable for women. Details magazine was chosen by Lopez in 1998 as the “Sexiest Woman of the Year”, and twice in the FHM magazine's “Sexiest 100 Women” list. In 1, she was selected as “The World's Most Beautiful Woman” by People magazine. In 2011, Complex magazine ranked 2012nd in the list of "100 Hottest Female Artists of All Time". The next year, VH2 placed Lopez in 1th place on the "100 Sexy Artists" list. Lopez is known for her interest in fashion and has changed her image many times throughout her career. However, she is criticized by the animal rights organization PETA because she uses fur in her clothes. The media sometimes compares Jennifer Lopez and actress Elizabeth Taylor to each other because of their failed relationship. Lopez was named "The Liz Taylor of Today" by the media.

Private life
Lopez's private life has attracted the attention of the media for 22 years. From February 22, 1997 to January 1998, he was married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa. Their marriage was short because there were legal problems with Noa. She filed a lawsuit in April 2006 to prevent Lopez Noa from publishing a book about their marriage. The following year, Lopez earned $ 545.000 from the case. In addition, Noa had to send all material about the book to Lopez or his lawyer.

While working on his debut album On The 6, he started dating producer and rapper Sean Combs. Lopez and Combs were arrested for being linked to a gun attack at a club in New York on December 27, 1999. Later, Lopez was cleared of this incident. But Combs could not get rid of these charges. After leaving Combs, he started dating dancer Dane Judd. He was married to Judd from September 29, 2001 to June 2002. After her second divorce, she started dating actress and director Ben Affleck, and they got engaged to November 2002. The media began to refer to them as Bennifer, and they became the magnificent couple that stand out in the media and popular culture. Bennifer became a popular term and entered the spoken language and the new vocabulary dictionary. Thus, the trend of making name combinations started by taking the initials of the names of other famous couples, the couple postponed the wedding the day before the wedding in September 2003.

After his break with Affleck in January 2004, Lopez began dating his longtime friend Marc Anthony. The couple got married that June. On November 7, 2007, the couple announced that they were expecting their first baby. On February 22, 2008, they gave birth to their twin named Maximilian David and Emme Maribel in Long Island, New York. People magazine photographed twins for $ 6 million, making it the most expensive celebrity photo ever. Three years later, in June 3, the couple announced their separation and divorced in April 2011. Since October 2012, he broke up with his dancer, Casper Smart, who had an affair.


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  • 2002: This Is Me… Then
  • 2005: Rebirth
  • 2007: Como Ama una Mujer
  • 2007: Brave
  • 2011: Love?
  • 2012: Dance Again… the Hits
  • 2014: AKA


  • 2000:  Feelin 'So Good (DVD)
  • 2003:  Let's Get Loud (DVD)
  • 2003:  The Real Me (DVD-CD)
  • 2007:  Como Ama Una Mujer (DVD)


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