Who is Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts (born Julia Fiona Roberts, October 28, 1967, Georgia) is an Oscar-winning American actress. He is the youngest child of Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts. He is the richest actor in Hollywood with his fortune of 140 million dollars. With the annual earning of 62 million dollars, J. Roberts, who earns the most in the year, was entitled to be the highest paid actress in the history of cinema with the $ 25 million fee he received with the Mona Lisa Smile. She is also the aunt of Emma Roberts, who is famous for her Unfabulous series.

Previous life
Julia Roberts first saw the daylight on October 28, 1967. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to the daughter of an Irish family; but in Smyrna, a small town in Georgia, she grew up with her mother Betty-Lou and her father Walter. Her mother is an actress and church secretary; his father was a vacuum cleaner seller, writer and actor. Julia is the youngest of the three brothers; his older brother is Eric Roberts and his older sister Lisa Roberts.

Julia had a tragic childhood. When she was only four years old, her mother and father left because of financial difficulties. While his father Walter decided to move back to Atlanta with his sixteen-year-old son Eric, Betty-Lou stayed with his two daughters in Smyrna. When Julia was ten years old, in March 1978, her father died of cancer. At school, the kids mocked her for her thick glasses and big mouth. She accepted her big mouth and decided to make her mouth a brand. Using contact lenses, he exposed hazel eyes, which he hid with his thick glasses. Julia never tried to hide that she was tall. His height made him more perfect.

First years and first Oscar nomination (1986-1989)
In the early days, Julia planned to become a vegetarian and was less interested in acting. After graduating from Campbell High School, she joined her older sister and older brother to attend a theater school in New York. Prior to acting, he worked on Baskin-Robbins and Athlete's Foot. Then she signed a contract with the dummy company "Click" and stayed with them until she released her carving-ready older brother Eric as Julia's first movie role in "Blood Red." The movie didn't go well; but in Hollywood people started talking about it. In 1988, he played a pizza waiter at Mystic Pizza, and then he played with Liam Neeson at Satisfaction. Things got hotter behind the camera between Julia and Liam. A year later, at the Steel Magnolias, his then-fiancé, Dylan McDermott, played opposite. Just before “Steel Magnolias”, Julia got sick and was getting better when filming started. This did not stop director Herbert Ross from saying bad things about his acting, mostly in front of people; But when Julia became an Oscar candidate, Ross stopped.

Pretty Woman and Sutherland (1990-1992)
A year later, he suddenly became a big star when the whole Earth became “Pretty Woman”. Suddenly, everyone wanted him. The newspapers wrote about him every day, and the whole world spoke about him. This interest was difficult for him. Weakened; Rumors spread that he used drugs and had anorexia.

When Kiefer met Sutherland, he had escaped this situation, and Sutherland was his co-star in Flatliners. He left his wife and moved to Julia. This scandal was real, and the relationship of the year began. In August 1990, Julia and Kiefer announced that they were engaged, and in October, Kiefer gave a Chinese "eternal love" tattoo on Julia's left shoulder. The dream ended when Julia saw Kiefer having sex with stripper Amanda Rice. The wedding was canceled and Julia went to Ireland to look for comfort. Meanwhile, "Sleeping with the Enemy" has opened with great success in the USA.

In 1991, Julia decided to take a break.For two long years, with her small role in the movie "The Player" (1992), she completely avoided the big screen, and everyone was asking: "Where did Pretty Woman go?".

Explosion and pause (1993-1999)
In 1993, he returned with a big bang. He played the role of Darby Shaw in John Grisham's novel "The Pelican Brief". This movie was a recycler for Julia and was a great success in theaters. During filming (June 1993), Julia surprised everyone by marrying local singer Lyle Lovett, ten years older than herself. "Yes." On the way to say, Julia was barefoot and without makeup.

Two years later, in March 1995, the couple announced their separation. They left after 21 months of their marriage; but they are still good friends.

Over the coming years, Julia's films have not been a great success, and the rumors that her career has ended began to circulate. He was spoken of “new Julia Roberts” at the time, and his rivals included Sandra Bullock, Julia Ormond and Julianne Moore, but in the summer of 1997, he silenced everyone with the films “Conspiracy Theory” and “My Best Friend's Wedding”. With her long hair and a smile on her face, she returned as the people wanted.

At the 1998 Christmas premiere of the movie "Stepmom", Julia came with a new man. This man was Benjamin Bratt from the Law and Order series. During their four-year dating, marriage and baby talks were consistent; But Julia said that they were happy with their situation and did not want to rush in anything.

Oscar and separation (2000-2001)
In 2000, he began filming the movie, starring a lonely mother based on a true life story under the direction of Steven Soderbergh: “Erin Brockovich”. This film was the first film he worked with Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Full Frontal, Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12) .With this film, he won the 2001 Golden Globe award.

A month later, Benjamin Bratt was with Julia for the last time when she won an Oscar for her role in the movie "Erin Brockovich." In the Acceptance Speech, he thanked everyone he met on stage for five minutes and said, "I love this place!" yell. "I love the world, I'm very happy, thank you!" he finished his speech.

Towards the end of June 2001, Julia and Benjamin announced they were leaving. He described his relationships as a "gentle and emotional end".

Marriage and twins (2002-2004)
After winning an Oscar, Julia slowed down; While focusing on his own life, he played small roles in films such as "Full Frontal" and "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". During the filming of the movie "The Mexican", he met cameraman Daniel Moder and became close friends. For a long time, there was love speculation, in December 2001, the first official photo of the couple was taken at the premiere of the movie "Ocean's Eleven". Julia looked happy and happy with her new blonde look.

The couple got married on the Independence Day, on July 4, 2002, at Julia's large farm in New Mexico. In her first interview after the wedding, Julia described Danny as "the man among the guys, not selfish and completely surrounded." In July 2004, two years after marriage, Julia and Danny announced that they were expecting their first child. After the birth of her children, Julia was not planning anything.


Hood Year Role Notes
Firehouse 1987 Babs
Satisfaction 1988 Daryle shane
Mystic Pizza 1988 Daisy arujo
Blood Red 1989 Marisa Collogero Taken in 1986
Steel Magnolias 1989 Shelby Eatenton Latcherie
Pretty Woman 1990 Vivian ward
Flatliners 1990 Rachel mannus
Sleeping with the Enemy 1991 Laura Williams Burney/Sara Waters
Dying Young 1991 Hilary O'Neil
Hook 1991 Tinker Bell
The Player 1992 Itself Cameo
The Pelican Brief 1993 Darby shaw
I Love Trouble 1994 Sabrina Peterson
Ready-to-Wear 1994 Anne Eisenhower
Something to Talk About 1995 Grace King Bichon
Mary Reilly 1996 Mary Reilly
The Price of Freedom 1996 Kitty kiernan
Everyone Says I Love You 1996 Von sidell
My Best Friend Getting Married 1997 Julianne potter
Conspiracy theory 1997 Alice sutton
Stepmom 1998 Isabel kelly Executive producer
no difficulty can beat love 1999 Anna Scott
Runaway Bride 1999 Maggie carpenter
Sweet trouble 2000 Erin Brockovich
Mexican 2001 Samantha Barzel
America's Sweethearts | Fashionable Couple 2001 Kiki Harrison
Ocean's Eleven 2001 Tess ocean
Grand Champion 2002 Jolene
Very special 2002 Francesca / Catherine
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 Patricia Watson
Mona Lisa Smile 2003 Katherine ann watson
Tell Them Who You Are 2004 Itself
Closer 2004 Anna Cameron
Ocean's Twelve 2004 Tess ocean
Rush hour ant 2006 Hova Sound only
Little Spider Charlotte 2006 Charlotte the spider Sound only
Charlie Wilson's War 2007 Joanne herring
Fireflies in My Garden 2008 Lisa Taylor
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl 2008 Producer
Duplicity 2009 Claire stenwick
Valentine's Day 2010 Captain Kate Treasure
Eat Pray 2010 Elizabeth Gilbert
Jesus Henry Christ 2011 Producer
Good Day Bad Day 2011 Ava's Therapist Sound only
Larry Crowne 2011 Mercedes tainot
Snow White's Adventures 2012 Queen clementianna
August: Osage County 2013 Barbara fordham
moment of clarity 2014 Itself Documentary
Secret in your eyes 2015 Jess Cobb
A special day 2016 Miranda
Money Monster 2016 Patty fenn
Wonder Films that have not yet been released 2017 Isabel pullman
The Smurfs: The Lost Village Films that have not yet been released 2017 Smurfwillow Sound only


Hood Year Role Channel Notes
Crime Story 1987 Tracy NBC Episode: "The Survivor"
Miami Vice 1988 Polly wheeler NBC Episode: “Mirror Image”
Baja Oklahoma 1988 Candy hutchins HBO Telefilm
Before Your Eyes: Angelie's Secret 1995 Narrator CBS Telefilm
Friends 1996 Susie moss NBC Episode: “The One After the Superbowl”
Murphy Brown 1998 Itself CBS Episode: “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Law & Order 1999 Katrina Ludlow NBC Episode: "Empire"
Silent Angels: The Rett Syndrome Story 2000 Narrator Discovery Health Channel
Queens Supreme 2003 CBS Producer
Freedom: A History of the United States 2003 Virginia Eyewitness /
Appleton's Journal
PBS 2 sections
Samantha: An American Girl Holiday 2004 The WB ProducerTelevision film
Felicity: An American Girl Adventure 2005 The WB ProducerTelevision film
Beslan: Three Days In September 2006 Narrator showtime Documentary
Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front 2007 Disney Channel ProducerTelevision film
Extraordinary moms 2011 Server OWN Documentary Executive producer
Makers: Women Who Make America 2014 Narrator PBS Episode: "Women in Hollywood"
The normal heart 2014 Dr. Emma brookner HBO Telefilm

Awards and nominations 

Year Prize Category Movie Conclusion
1989 Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress Steel Magnolias Nominated
Golden Globe Awards Best Supporting Actress in Cinema Won
1990 Academy Awards Best Actress Pretty Woman Nominated
BAFTA Awards Best Actress Nominated
Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Won
Saturn Awards Best Supporting Actress Flatliners Nominated
1991 Saturn Awards Best Actress Sleeping with the Enemy Nominated
Razzie Awards Worst Supporting Actress Hook Nominated
1994 NBR Awards Top Players Ready-to-Wear Won
1996 Razzie Awards Worst Actress Mary Reilly Nominated
1997 Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy My Best Friend's Wedding Nominated
1999 Emmy Awards Best Guest Actress in Drama Law & Order Nominated
Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Notting Hill Nominated
2000 Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress Erin Brockovich Won
BAFTA Awards Best Actress
Empire Awards Best Actress Nominated
Golden Globe Awards Best Supporting Actress in Cinema Won
NBR Awards Best Actress
SAG Awards Best Actress
2004 NBR Awards Top Players Closer
2007 Golden Globe Awards Best Supporting Actress in Cinema Charlie Wilson's War Nominated
2009 Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in Cinema Duplicity Nominated

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