Who is Ord Prof Dr Muhiddin Erel?

Erel, who came to the world in 1899 in Hoca Rüstem Neighborhood in Eminönü, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine one year after the Republic was declared. Erel, who worked as an assistant in Istanbul Emrazı Saliye İstidaiye Hospital, completed his specialty in Hıfzıssıhha in Hamburg in 1932.

Erel, who became associate professor of hygiene after Darülfünun's conversion to Istanbul University, was founded on 01.021948 by İ.Ü. Professor of Hygiene Institute of the Faculty of Medicine, who was promoted to the Professor of the same institute on 28.02.1950. M. Erel worked as the Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine between 1946-1948.

He was appointed as the Founding Dean of Ege University Faculty of Medicine on March 02, 1955, and was appointed to the Professor of Ege University Faculty of Medicine Hygiene Institute on 30.5.1958. He was elected as the first Rector of Ege University on 11.3.1958 and started his career. Muhiddin Erel's Rector's office ended on 10.03.1960. Although he retired on 114 as required by Law No. 28.10.1960, he returned to duty on 28.04.1961. While he was 65 years old, he had to retire due to Senate's decisions, while his term of office was extended four times and meanwhile, he was appointed as the Director of the Ephesus School of Pharmacy between 11.11.1968-28.6.1971. Muhiddin Erel has provided education, research, publication and healthcare services for a total of 43 years, 48 of which are in public service, and on 07.07.1973, E.Ü. He retired while he was chair of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

Erel, who passed away on March 18, 1986, took his place in history as one of the masters who shed light on young generations with his research and education studies in the field of medicine. Nursing first time in a university in Turkey and has done work for the establishment of Medical College. It is known among the important medical educators of the world especially with its studies on medical education and the systems it has developed. Ege University Medical and Science faculties of the university for the first time in the house and on foundation of College of Nursing College Health services in Turkey, hence Ord Muhiddin Erel was given a TÜBİTAK Service Award in 20, 2006 years after his death.

He has an amphitheater named Muhiddin Erel at Ege University, which he founded.

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