Who is Seyfi Dursunoğlu?

Seyfettin “Seyfi” Dursunoğlu (Date of birth October 1, 1932, Date of death Trabzon - July 17, 2020, Istanbul), known as Grumpy Virgin, Turkish drag queen, singer and presenter. 1970s with that of television entertainment programs continued until 2010 in Turkey has become a well-known entertainment figures appeared.

He was born in Trabzon in 1932. He lived in Yenicuma Neighborhood for a while. After graduating from Haydarpaşa High School, he stopped working in the British Philology Department and started working as a civil servant in the Social Insurance Institution. He left his job after working as a civil servant in SSK for 18 years.

In 1970, as Grumpy Virgin, he first started performing in small clubs. As his reputation spread from mouth to mouth, he began to receive offers from larger clubs. Izmir Fair every year, shared the stage with Turkey's renowned soloists. With thousands of people coming to Izmir International Fair, he did not appear on television but all self brought mentioned in Turkey.

Seyfi Dursunoğlu made the biggest leap with his “Grumpy Virgin” character by participating in Öztürk Serengil's competition program on TRT. In the same program, after seeing the humorous answers of Grumpy Virgin to Öztürk Serengil in this period of watching a single channel, everyone started to talk about him. Seyfi Dursunoğlu reached the power to say that no one could say with the Grumpy Virgin typing. His fame spread with expressing the facts in a humorous manner and performing stage shows.

In the 1970s, he made a kanto plate named Grumpy Virgin 1.

Many countries Dursunoğlu stage, introduced himself with a program called Grumpy show all of Turkey and endearing. Dursunoğlu, in the second season of a period Popstar contest Turkey, Ibrahim Tatlises, Garo mafia and Deniz Seki with artists such as singer and member of the jury did too.

In 2007, he declared that he would no longer revive the Grumpy Virgin by broadcasting indirectly on the television channels where his program was broadcast by the Radio Television Supreme Body (RTÜK) and that censorship was applied, but would you dance with Huysuz, which was broadcast on Show TV in 2012? presented the program. He was a jury member in the competition titled Benzemez Kimse Sana, which started broadcasting on Star TV that same year. He appeared in the final part of the program as the Grumpy Virgin for the last time and by saying “This is my last kantom”, he indirectly explained that he cannot do a canoe again because of his age. He also announced that he would donate 15 million TL of assets to the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life.

In 2013, he became a jury member in the show "Benzemez Kimse Sana Sana" (Show TV), but because the TMSF Show TV was put up for sale, the program "Benzemez Kimse Sana" that he was a jury was removed from the broadcast. Seyfi Dursunoğlu played in “Doritos Academy” advertisements. He has a song called "Katina" with the grumpy Virgin typing.

In December 2014, Seyfi Dursunoğlu agreed with Star TV and announced that it will be on the screens again in the new year. On the evening of Saturday, January 24, 2015, he will be a jury member again in the third season of the program "Nobody Looks Like You". He was a jury member on Star Tv screens in the third season of the program “Unlike You,” but the program ended with his fifth episode on February 3, 4, on the grounds that he did not get the ratings that were requested by the Doğuş Publishing Group.

Dursunoğlu, who was a COPD patient, died on July 15, 17 in Istanbul Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, where he was treated for pneumonia for 2020 days.

Television Programs Included


  • Grumpy and Sweet Woman (1997-1998)
  • Grumpy Now Stewardess (1998)
  • Grumpy Show (1998)
  • Popstar Turkey (2004)
  • Seeing Procedure with Grumpy (2008)
  • Do you dance? (2005- 2011)
  • Nobody's Like You (2012-2015)


  • Drunk (1977)
  • Point and Comma Paldır Ash (1979)
  • Angel Face Cani (1986) - Seyfi
  • European Side (2005) - Süheyla (50th episode)
  • Impossible Love (2006) - Neighbor (part 3)

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