Who is Tom Hanks Receiving Greek Citizenship?

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American film actress.

He has received two Oscar awards, is known for overcoming difficult roles and has achieved significant success, especially with his performance in dramatic roles.

Among the most important films of Tom Hanks, who received an Academy Award for Best Actor twice in a row with Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, are Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Torment Road, New Life, Saving Er Ryan and the Green Road. The 2006 Cannes Film Festival opened with the Da Vinci Code, based on the book of the same name by Dan Brown, starring Tom Hanks as the symbolist professor Robert Langdon, and won the audience's appreciation.

Hanks received honorary Greek citizenship in December 2019.

As of July 2020, the Player Tom Hanks wife actor Rita Wilson He became a citizen of Greece with. Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos MitsotakisVisiting Tom Hanks and his wife Reta Wilson on the island of Antiparos in the Aegean, gave their double passports and citizenship documents.

64-year-old Tom Hanks and 63-year-old Rita Wilson wife in their summer residence on the island of Antiparos Mareva Kyriakos Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who visited with him, gave the citizenship documents with the passports of the famous star and his wife.

Youth period
Hanks was born in Concord, California. As a child, Tom Hanks lived his middle-class life, in which there was not much passion and talent. When he was five years old, his family left. They remarried several times before divorce. Later, his father married an Asian woman with a large family. Much later, Tom Hanks told Rolling Stone, "Everyone in my family loves each other." He said and added: “But there were almost fifty people at home all the time. I didn't really feel like a stranger, but I was somehow outside of him. When her parents divorced, they traveled from town to town until Hanks, her older brother Larry, and her sister, a mobile cook, settled in Oakland. Tom was 8 years old when they settled in California. Tom's younger brother was left with his mother.

Hanks was a minor at school. He said to Rolling Stone, "I was stuck," and continued: "I was terribly and disturbingly shy. I was also the young man who could scream at fun times during filmstrips. But I've never been in trouble. I was always a really good boy and quite responsible. ” Despite playing on a few school plays (not remembered by his name), acting was not a realistic possibility for Tom Hanks until he moved from Chabot College, the San Francisco Bay Area college, to Sacramento State University. "The role-playing classes would seem like the best place for someone who likes to make noise and is cool," Hanks told New York. said. “I went to the handpieces and spent a lot of time. He never takes dates with me. I would go directly to the theater, buy myself a ticket, replace me, look at the program and get into the game exactly. I've had such a lot of time seeing Bertolt Brecht, Tennessee Williams, Henrik Ibsen and others. ”

Hanks' encounter with Vincent Dowling, the head of the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, happens during these role-playing classes. On Dowling's recommendation, Hanks Festival becomes an intern that encompasses a three-year experience that covers everything from lighting to set order and stage management. Such a decision required Tom Hanks to drop out of college. But at the end of these three years, Hanks decided he wanted to be an actor. Partly because of this desire is the Cleveland Critics Circle Award, in which Shakespeare won the best actor award for his performance in the role of Proteus (which is only one of the villains roles he played several times) in the Veronese Two Gentlemen games.

First roles
In 1978, Hanks came to New York, where he married the actress Samantha Lewes, who was also the producer. Nine years later (when they had a daughter and a son), they divorced, but Hanks is still regularly seeing her children. While in New York, Hanks played for the Riverside Shakespeare Company. In addition, he showed his first acting performance by playing in a low-budget (inexpensive) movie and starred in the television movie called Labyrinths and Monsters. He continued to take on various roles and eventually earned a role in Bosom Buddies (Sincere Friends) on ABC television. Hanks flew to Los Angeles and to California, where they met Peter Scolari, who would later portray a couple of young people who should dress like women to live in a cheap hotel where only women stay. The series lasted for two years, and even if the ratings were never very good, television critics gave the program high marks. "The very first time I saw him on the set, I thought," Too bad, he won't be able to hold on the screens for a long time, "said Ian Praise Rolling Stone, co-producer of the program. But two years later I knew he would become a movie star. ” Even though Praiser knew this, he couldn't convince Hanks. His best friend, Tom Lizzio, told Rolling Stone, "The TV show isn't going anywhere." "Later, when he didn't get anywhere, Tom Hanks thought he would come back to pull ropes and turn on the lights in a theater."

But what drove Ron Howard to contact Tom Hanks was his minor role in an episode of Bossom Buddies and the Happy Days series. Howard was working on the romantic comedy Splash at the time, which tells about a mermaid falling in love with man. At first, Howard thought of Tom Hanks for the relapse brother of the main character, who later played John Candy. But in contrast, Hanks got the lead and a career gained more than $ 69 million in revenue, gaining momentum with Splash, the number one in box-offices.

Progression to dramatic roles
Tom Hanks made his debut as a failed baseball coach in A League of Their Own (1992). He told Vanity Fair that this was his 'modern era of making movies'.

This 'modern period' welcomed the extraordinary 1993 with the First Love-bound and then Philadelphia. The real love that Love Has Tied was about the summer adventure of a widow who found air waves. He described Richard Schcikel of his time as "attractive" and agreed that his performance made him among the leading romantic-comedy stars of his generation.

The real output of Tom Hanks is in Philadelphia. Hanks, who portrayed a gay lawyer with AIDS who sued his firm for discrimination, proved both talent and depth to be one of the best. (To make his performance in the movie more realistic, Hanks has weakened by about 16 pounds and thinned his hair to look sick.) In an interview with People, Lean Roze praised Hanks' ability: “Above all, Philadelphia's success is not a saint, but a saint. "Hanks knows he's playing the character, and his performance deserves Oscar."

Forrest Gump
Hanks' success with Philadelphia continued with Forrest Gump, a hit in the summer of 1994. The film is a story of a naive young man, sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, who found himself amidst the most important events in American history. In the film, the real wisdom of the character shows up and positively affects the lives he enters. Robert Zemeckis, director of the film Forrest Gump at Vanity Fair, praised Tom Hanks' performance: "Whatever Hanks is a real actor, which is real honesty, he does it in this role."

In the same article, Hanks explains what he likes about the script: “When I read Gump's script, I saw it was one of the big and hopeful movies that the audience could go to and feel… Some hopes about their fate and their position in life. I still understand. ” Success with Forrest Gump not only increased his place and fame, but also earned him a second Academy Award. Tom Hanks is the second player to have won the Oscar Award twice in the history of the Academy Awards, and no third star has ever been able to achieve this success. (Sprencer Tracy is the first with the awards he won in 1937 and 1938.)

Apollo 13
Hanks' next work brought him together with director Ron Howard in the Apollo 13 movie, starring astronaut James Lovell. In 1970, Apollo 13 was heading towards the Moon when an oxygen tank exploded, and the space crew was almost unable to return to earth. Critics liked and applauded the overall performance of the film crew, including Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, and Kathleen Quinlan, and the film in general.

1998 and after
Later, Hanks produced the documentary (From Earth to the Moon) as a producer (and assistant scriptwriter and assistant director). He chronicles a space program that ran from a 12-part series start, to his flight with Neil Armstrong and Jim Lovell, to personal emotions around the fact that he stepped on the moon. The Emmy-winning $ 68 million project was one of the most expensive productions for television. Undoubtedly, Tom Hanks' next project was no less expensive. Hanks met with Steven Spielberg to make a movie about the quest aimed at bringing him back home from France, which was divided by a military war. Saving Er Ryan earned the praise and praise of the film community, critics and the public. The film, which won Spielberg's second Best Director award and Tom Hanks nominated for Best Actor, has been recognized as one of the best war films ever made. In late 1998, Hanks starred in another romantic comedy with Meg Ryan, with whom he starred in the movie Love Tied. The duo appeared in The Message Around You, the remake of The Shop Around the Corner, shot in 1940, starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan.

Green Road / New Life
In 1999, he starred in the production of the same name as the movie, adapted from Stephen King's novel Green Road. The following year, he won an Academy Award nomination as well as a Golden Globe Best Actor for his character in the role of modern Robinson Crusoe, played in the New Life film directed by Robert Zemeckis. In 2001, he contributed to the production and production of the Band of Brothers television series.

Torment / Catch Me If You Can
Later, the director of the American Beauty film, Sam Mendes, and Max Allan Collins and Richard Piers Rayner met for the novel The Road of Torment, in which he played an escaping shooter with his son. In the same year, Hanks opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Catch Me If You Can Catch, based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, and worked with director Spielberg.

Women Hunters / Terminal / Polar Express
Until 2004, Hanks remained away from the films until Coen Brothers appeared in the Women Hunters, Terminal with which he worked with Steven Spielberg, and the Polar Express, with which he worked with Robert Zemeckis. On 12 June 2002, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Film Institute and became the first player to receive this award.

Private life
Hanks has been married to actress Rita Wilson since 1988. Although they first worked together on the production of Sincere Friends, they began to get closer while working on the movie Volunteers. Currently they have two children. Hanks was previously married to Lewes between 1978 and 1987.

Wilson is of Greek and Bulgarian origin and is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. Hanks returned to his belief before marrying him. Hanks actively participates in the church.

Tom Hanks also had two children from this marriage, one of whom was his actor son, Colin Hanks. Hanks is also known to be a supporter of the Cleveland Indians baseball team and the Premier League teams, Aston Villa.

On December 27, 2019, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos signed official documents, which are the official Greek citizens of Tom Hanks.

On March 12, 2020, he and his wife, Rita Wilson, announced that their tests were potent and that they caught the Coronavirus. Later, they passed the treatment process and got rid of this disease.


Year Movie role Notes
1980 He Knows You're Alone Elliot
1982 Mazes and Monsters Robbie Wheeling tv movie
1984 Splash Allen Bauer
1984 Bachelor Party Rick Gassko
1985 The Man with One Red Shoe Richard Harlan Drew
1985 Volunteers Lawrence Whatley Bourne III
1986 The Money Pit Walter Fielding, Jr.
1986 Nothing in Common David Basner
1986 Every Time We Say Goodbye David Bradley
1987 Dragnet Detective Pep Streebeck
1988 Big Josh Baskin (adult)
1988 Punchline Steven Gold
1989 Turner & Hooch Detective Scott Turner
1989 The 'Burbs Ray Peterson
1990 Joe Versus the Volcano Joe Banks
1990 Bonfire Sherman McCoy
1992 A League of Their Own Jimmy dugan
1992 Radio Flyer Old Mike
1993 Sleepless in Seattle Sam Baldwin
1993 Philadelphia Andrew Beckett
1994 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump
1995 Apollo 13 Jim Lovell
1995 Toy Story Sheriff Woody (voice)
1996 That Thing You Do! Mr. White He is also a screenwriter and director
1998 Saving Private Ryan Captain John H. Miller
1998 You have a message Joe Fox
1999 Toy Story 2 Sheriff Woody (voice)
1999 The Green Mile Paul Edgecomb
2000 Cast Away Chuck Noland
2002 Road to Perdition Michael Sullivan, Sr.
2002 Catch Me If You Can FBI Agent Carl Hanratty
2004 The Terminal Viktor navorski
2004 The Ladykillers Professor GH Dorr
2004 Elvis Has Left the Building Mailbox Elvis small role
2004 The Polar Express Hero Boy / Santa Claus / Express Conductor / Hobo / Hero Boy's Father / Narrator (voice)
2006 The Da Vinci Code Professor Robert Langdon
2006 Cars Woody Car (voice) small role
2007 The Simpsons Movie Himself (voice) Small role
2007 Charlie Wilson's War Charlie Wilson
2008 The Great Buck Howard Mr. Gable
2009 Angels & Demons Professor Robert Langdon
2010 Toy Story 3 Sheriff Woody (voice)
2011 Larry Crowne Larry Crowne He is also a screenwriter and director
2011 Extremely Loud and Incredible Close Thomas Schell Jr.
2012 Electric city cleveland carr web series
2012 Cloud Atlas Dr. Henry Goose / Hotel Manager / Isaac Sachs / Dermot Hoggins / Cavendish Look-a-like Actor / Zachry
2013 Captain Phillips Captain richard phillips
2013 Saving Mr. Banks Walt Disney
2014 Toy Forgotten by Time Woody (Voice) Short Animation
2015 Casuslar Köprüsü James donovan
2015 A Hologram for the King Alan Clay
2015 Ithaca Mr. Macauley
2016 The Circle calden
2016 Hell (2016 movie) Robert Langdon
2017 Oyuncak Hikayesi 4 Woody (Voice)

Tv series 

Year Production role Notes
1980 The Love Boat Rick Martin 1 episode: “Friends and Lovers / Sergeant Bull / Miss Mother”
1980 Bosom Buddies Buffy Wilson / Kip Wilson 37 sections
1982 Taxi Gordon 1 episode: “The Road Not Taken: Part 1”
1982 Happy Days Dr. Dwayne Twitchell 1 episode: “A Little Case of Revenge”
1983 Family Ties Ned Donnelly 3 sections
1992 Tales from the Crypt Baxter Also the director; 1 episode: “None but the Lonely Heart”
1993 Fallen Angels Trouble Boy # 1 Also the director; 1 episode: “I'll Be Waiting”
1998 From the Earth to the Moon Jean-Luc Despont 1 episode: “Le voyage dans la lune”
2001 Band of Brothers British Officer TV mini-series
2003 Freedom: A History of Us Abraham Lincoln / Charles E. Wood / Daniel Boone 7 sections
2003 Great Performances Mountie
2007 Thomas & Friends Hank, Dennis dubbing
2010 The Pacific Narrator 6 sections
2011 30 Rock Itself In a small role
2012 Saturday Night Live Undecided Voter; Robot In a small role
2013 Killing Lincoln Host / Narrator Television movie


Year Movie Notes
1998 From the Earth to the Moon In addition, the writer and director; 12 episodes
2000 American experience Documentary; 1 episode: “Return with Honor”
2000 Cast Away
2000 West Point TV series; producer
2001 Band of Brothers In addition, the writer and director; 2 episodes
2001 We Stand Alone Together Documentary; producer
2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding
2003 My Big Fat Greek Life TV series; producer
2004 Connie and Carla
2004 The Polar Express producer
2005 We're with the Band tv movie
2005 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D Short; scriptwriter
2006 Neil Young: Heart of Gold Documentary
2006 The Ant Bully
2006 Starter for 10
2006 Big Love TV series; producer; 50 episodes
2007 Evan Almighty producer
2007 Charlie Wilson's War
2008 The Great Buck Howard
2008 John Adams Producer; 7 episodes
2008 David McCullough: Painting with Words Documentary
2008 Mamma Mia! producer
2008 City of Ember
2009 My Life in Ruins producer
2009 Where the Wild Things Are
2009 Beyond All Boundaries Short; producer
2009 The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert executive producer
2010 The Pacific TV mini-series, executive producer; 10 episodes
2011 The 3 Minute Talk Show TV series, executive producer; 12 episodes
2011 Larry Crowne Also writer and director
2011 He Has Seen War Documentary; executive producer
2012 The 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony TV movie; executive producer
2012 Game Change tv movie
2012 K Blows Ball TV movie; executive producer
2012 Electric city webseries; creator and executive producer
2013 Parkland Producer
TBA Masters of the air TV mini-series, executive producer; 10 episodes

Movie revenues worldwide 

A total of 100,000,000 movies exceeding $ 16 in revenue

Year The name of the movie Revenues
2009 Angles and devils $480,975,846
2006 Da Vinci Code $757,236,138
2004 Pole Express $297,775,955
2004 Port $218,686,156
2002 Catch me if you can $351,112,395
2002 Torment Road $181,001,478
2000 New life $429,632,142
1999 Green Way $286,801,374
1999 Oyuncak Hikayesi 2 $485,015,179
1998 You have a message $250,821,495
1998 Saving Er Ryan $481,840,909
1995 Toy Story $361,958,736
1995 Apollo 13 $355,237,933
1994 Forrest Gump $677,386,686
1993 Philadelphia $206,678,440
1993 What Love Is Tied To $227,799,884
1992 A League of Their Own $132,440,069
1988 Big $151,668,774


Academy Awards and nominations 

Year Category Movie Conclusion
2019 Best Supporting Actor A nice day in the neighborhood Aday
2000 The best actor New life Aday
1998 The best actor Saving Er Ryan Aday
1994 The best actor Forrest Gump Won
1993 The best actor Philadelphia Won
1988 The best actor Big Aday

Golden Globe Awards and nominations 

Year Category Movie Conclusion
2019 Best Supporting Actor A nice day in the neighborhood Aday
2007 Best Actor - Comedy / Musical Charlie Wilson's War Aday
2000 Best Actor - Drama New life Won
1998 Best Actor - Drama Saving Er Ryan Aday
1994 Best Actor - Drama Forrest Gump Won
1993 Best Actor - Comedy / Musical What Love Is Tied To Aday
1993 Best Actor - Drama Philadelphia Won
1988 Best Actor - Comedy / Musical Big Won


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