Who is Aydan Şener?

Memnune Aydan Şener (d. March 1, 1963, Kilis), Turkish actress and former model, 1981 Nice to Turkey.

His life and career

He was born in Kilis in 1963. He settled in Bursa with his family when he was one year old. He completed his secondary and high school education in Bursa High School in Bursa. Nice to Turkey in 1981 was chosen. He represented Turkey in the same year the Miss World beauty pageant. After working as a model for a short time, she started acting in 1983 with the television series "Küçük Ağa".

In 1986, he gained a wide-ranging reputation with the series Çalıkuşu, in which he starred with Kenan Kalav. He started acting in theater in the following years. In 1988, she gave birth to a girl named Ecem. He left his wife Ayhan Akbin in 1991. Aydan Şener is Suzan Avcı's nephew.


Movie Year Role Teepee
I Suggest Mr. Alcohol 1981 TV series
Little Agha 1983 TV series
Wren 1986 Farida TV series
Years of Shame 1987 film
Reborn 1987 TV series
Milky Way 1987 TV series
Fatih-Harbiye 1990 TV series
Yol Palas Murder 1991 TV series
Two sisters 1992 TV series
Through life 1993 TV series
Love Game 1994 TV series
Rose and Thorn 1995 TV series
Shadow Flower 1995 TV series
Venus 1996 TV series
Hidden in the Moonlight 1996 film
Where a Love Ends 1996 film
Passion 1996 TV series
I can not breathe 1996 TV series
Confrontation 1996 film
Oh Nalan Oh 1997 film
After Many Years 1997 film
Face of Sorrow 1997 TV series
Woman of the Quiet Town 1997 film
hicran 1999 TV series
Pigeon 1999 film
Love Is At The Same Address 2000 film
kumru 2000 film
Tomorrow will not be late 2000 film
Game 2001 film
On Ankara Roads 2002 film
Such a Love 2002 TV series
Sealed Roses 2003 TV series
If you waited for me 2004 film
We Are Not Innocent 2005 TV series
Man of my house 2007 TV series
Thin Rose of My Idea 2007 TV series
Exile Lives 2008 TV series
Red light 2008 TV series
After the years 2011 TV series
Physicians 2013 TV series
The Sea in My Heart 2016 TV series

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