Who is Ayşegül Aldinç?

Ayşegül Aldinç (born September 28, 1957 in Istanbul), Turkish singer, actress. She is the daughter of journalist and sports writer Orhan Aldinç and her art teacher Süheyla Aldinç. The father's side is Bosnian.

Growing up in Cihangir district, Aldinç completed his secondary education in schools in Taksim, Kocamustafapaşa and Feriköy districts due to the appointment of his mother. He finished high school at Sultanahmet Boys' Art School. Afterwards, he graduated from Applied Fine Arts Academy Ceramics Department (now known as Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Department). Shortly after his graduation, he taught painting at Anafartalar Secondary School and music teacher at Istanbul Akaretler Secondary School. He completed his professional music career in 1978 with Mehmet Teoman, the 45-era 1st face Hospital; He stepped forward with a record with songs called Tired and Mutlu on the second side.

Aldinç, who went to Ankara for the announcement exams of TRT, also participated in the Eurovision qualifiers at that time and qualified for the competition. Ireland's capital Dublin in Turkey in 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, representing the song is sung by Ferris with Modern Folk Trio. Aldinç, who worked as a designer for six years at Yıldız Porcelain Factory, started performing in casinos in 1985. During this period, he did not release his first album, which he prepared with Atilla Özdemiroğlu, because he was not comfortable. He then released his first solo album in 1988 with the support of names such as Aysel Gürel, Timur Selçuk and Barış Manço. She made a breakthrough with the song Kara Sevda and her image. Between 1985 and 1998, he gave concerts in many European countries, the Soviet Union, the USA, China and the Middle East countries. She was awarded the Best Female Singer of the Year award by Istek Foundation and Cyprus Journalists Association.

He first starred in front of the camera in 1985 in the TRT series Acımak, directed by Orhan Aksoy. In 1987, he started acting in cinema with the films Katırcılar directed by Şerif Gören and Yağmur Kaçakları directed by Yavuz Özkan. In 1994, she received the "Best Actress" award at the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival for her role in Guerilla.

Private life

His only marriage was with Mehmet Teoman in 1979, and they divorced a few months later.


List achievements 

Album Single Highest
 Hair transplant Turkey    Europe
That girl "That girl" 14
Eight "The Only One I See" 15 (Joy Türk FM September 2015 Top 20 List)
"Status Leyla" (ft. Gökhan Türkmen) 9



  • Ayşegül in the Book (2001, Parantez Publications)


Year Award Ceremony Award Name Album / Movie
1981 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Turkey Championship ( 'rotation Dolap'-Üçlüsü'yl the Modern Folk)
  • Third Turkey ( 'Istanbul
1990 Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation Best Female Singer of the Year … And Ayşegül Aldinç
1991 Cyprus Journalists Association Best Artist of the Year (Best Female Singer of the Year)
1995 Magazine Journalists AssociationAdana Golden Boll Film Festival (awards) Best Actress of the Year Guerrilla
2016 Republic Schools Best Duet Status Leyla (ft. Gökhan Türkmen)
2016 Cyprus Magazine Journalists Association Best Project Album Eight

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