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Clark Gable (February 1, 1901; Ohio, USA - November 16, 1960, California, USA) Academy Award-winning actor and one of the earliest voice actors. We are with our list titled Who is Clark Gable and Clark Gable Movies. Clark Gable is an American movie actress born in 1901. Clark Gable, who made a strong impression on his young fans with his hard-eyed acting talent, took the lead roles thanks to the high effort he gave to the cinema in the beginning of the sound cinema era and was known as an actor with the highest grossing.

Clark Gable was ranked as the 7th "Best Male Star of All Time" by the American Film Institute. Gable's father is a farmer from Ohio. Called Clarkie, Gabe, and Billy by his friends in his childhood years, the actor later changed his name to Clark Gable. Cable, who lost her mother when she was 6 months old as a result of a malignant tumor in her brain, was raised for a while by her relatives. However, due to his sect being Catholic, it caused some problems in the family. This problem, which continued for a while, has been resolved by Clark's maternal relatives.

Cable's father died in 1903 and married Jenie Dunlap from his hometown. He bought land in Hopedale, a residential area of ​​Dunlap, and built a new house there and moved his family here. Clark, who has a calm character, spent his childhood here in the process until the age of 16.

In 1917, the actor, who was in financial difficulties when he went to high school, decided to return to the farming profession with his father and his family and move to the town of Ravenna, but this new lifestyle did not make Clark very happy. The actor, who dropped out of his school, started working at the tire factory in Akron with a very close friend. Akron had the opportunity to meet with performing arts and stage plays, which were a turning point for Clark Gable. After he caught this, the actor who had been drilling in the oil fields for a while with his father left his father's profession and decided to try his luck in acting. First of all, he took his first steps by taking small stage roles in 2nd class theaters. While continuing this business, he moved to Oregon and worked as a sales clerk in the tie aisle of a clothing store. Actress Josephine Dillon, one of the customers who came to the shop to shop, told Gable to continue acting and took the actress into her care. Dillon taught the actor in walking and manners. He provided this opportunity by giving him several trial roles in his films. In 1924, Gable's professional-style manager, Dillon tried to showcase the artist's talent by taking him to Hollywood with financial support. The business relationship between them turned into love over time and Josephine and Gable decided to marry.

In the 1930s, Gable was regarded as portraying large, hard-looking and realistic characters sought after by Brodway scenes. Gable, who accepted many offers from him, separated from his wife Josephin Dillon, with whom he had problems, and in a very short time after this separation, he was a well-known and advanced family of Texas, who was also older than Clark, Ria Franklin Prentiss Lucas Langham. she entered the world house again with the woman. The actor, whose luck opened, began to take part in Broadway scenes, attracting the attention of the MGM film company and signed a contract, thus stepping into professional film acting. One of the first sound films in which Gable starred was "The Painted Desert", shot in 1931. Directed by William Boyd, he portrayed an evil gangster in this western-style movie, and by drawing the attention of the producers here with his physique, Gable was given the opportunity to play in films with Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. The actor, who made his reputation at MGM company, continued to make movies with other famous actresses in order to maximize his reputation. Among these films, the projects that received the most acclaim consisted of the films “Red Dust” and “Saratoga” that they shot with Jean Harlow, the famous actress of the time. Clark Gable worked with MGM firmly until 1932. But at the point of disagreement with the elusive and aggressive actor, Gable was sent to Columbia film studios by MGM's owner, Louis B. Mayer, to star in low-cost films.

Since the content of the film is in the comedy genre, a very surprising situation emerged, Gable received the 'Academy Award' in the 'Best Actor' category with this film. Gable, an award-winning artist, returned to his old firm MGM and continued his film studies. The actor, who signed another project within a year, was nominated for the 'Academy Award' for the second time for his role in the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty".

Clark Gable Movies

Clark Gable quickly climbed to the peak of fame in 1939, with his film "Gone with the Wind" with the Technicolor film company. He worked with famous actresses, Vivien Leigh and Leslie Howard, on this film. The famous actor, who had an outstanding performance in this film, was again nominated for the 'Academy Award' and also received the title of 'King of Hollywood'. The actor, whose married life was active, had his third marriage in the same year and entered the world house with the famous actor Carol Lombard. However, this marital life was very short and his wife Lombard lost his life when his plane crashed during a trip. After this accident, Gable, almost embittered, made about 27 more films. Clark Gable's last movie was a modern western work named "The Misfits" in 1960. Gable came together with famous actors such as Marilyn Monroe, Eli Wallach and Montgomery Clift in this movie directed by John Huston. Clark Gable, who had a heart attack in Los Angeles after this movie, passed away at the age of 59. Some of Clark Gable's films, who have written his name in the history of cinema in golden letters;

  • "Gone with the Wind / 1939",
  • "Mogambo / 1953",
  • "Love Teacher / 1958",
  • "Free Spirit / 1931",
  • "Golden Chain / 1934",
  • "The Misfits / 1961".

In 1999, the American Film Institute named Clark Gable the 7th Greatest Actor of All Time. In 1934, he received the best actor Oscar for his film It Happened One Night. His most famous film is Gone with the Wind in 1939, in which he co-starred with Vivien Leigh.

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