Who is Dario Moreno?

David Arugete Moreno or Dario Moreno, with his stage name (born April 3, 1921, Aydın - December 1, 1968, Istanbul), is a Turkish guitarist, pianist and film actor of Italian Jewish origin.

Life story

Dario Moreno was born on April 3, 1921 in Aydın's Germencik district. In some references, the place of birth is shown as İzmir, Mezarlıkbaşı, and in some subsequent documents it is seen that he uses İzmir as his birthplace. He was orphaned when his father, who worked at the train station, was tragically shot and killed. After this incident, they settled in Izmir with her mother. Moreno, who had four more siblings, was left to the orphanage (Nido De Guerfanos) by his mother, Madam Roza, due to financial difficulties. Moreno, who stayed in the orphanage until the age of four, later graduated from Jewish primary school.

He worked in many different jobs in his youth. His closest childhood friend is Alber Dinar. During the years he was working, he trained himself and became a clerk of one of the famous lawyers of Izmir, where he worked at Kardiçalı Han. In addition, he went to the National Library at night and studied French. He developed his interest in guitar, which started around this time, with a guitar that he had in his hands.

At the same time, he started to sing in Bar-Mitsvah ceremonies. In his youth, he was well known in his own district and in Izmir. Moreno his military service II. He did it as an infantryman in Akhisar Army House during World War II. Here he worked as a soloist in the jazz orchestra and again appeared on the stage in military places in Konya and Adana. During his military service, Moreno, who was more involved with music, also took the stage at the Marmara Casino at the NATO building in Kordon, Izmir. Moreno gave his first concert at the casino on Konak ferry pier. When Moreno improved his musicianship a little further, he moved with his mother Madam Roza to Asansör Street in Karataş district on Mithatpaşa Street. (The current name of the street is "Dario Moreno Street." Among the people, this street and its surroundings are called "Elevator".)

The fame of Dario Moreno, who became more and more famous, shone even more at the Izmir Palas Hotel. After his military service, Moreno started to appear on the stage of Belvu Casino in Fenerbahçe for a while. Meanwhile, Moreno went to Ankara for two days to take the stage at Bomonti Casino in Ankara. However, after staying in Ankara for two years, he was able to return to Istanbul again and entered Fritz Kerten's orchestra as a soloist. Moreno was a roommate with Orhan Veli during his stay in Ankara. After working in Istanbul for a year, he moved to Athens. While working here, he went there after telegraphing to an impresario in Paris. Moreno first appeared on the stage in Perto Del Sol Music Hall. His first years in Paris are years of failure. After singing for a while at American military clubs in Germany, he achieved extraordinary success with the song Jezabel in France for the first time. In Paris; Moreno, who later sang at the Palm Beach Hotel in Cannes, reinforced his reputation with the calypso's “Adieu Lisbon” and “Cou Courou Cou Cou”. He took Fritz Kerten with him and his mother in Istanbul. He changed Fritz Kerten's name to Andre Kerr and took him with him as a pianist.

Sezen Cumhur Önal and Fecri Ebcioğlu wrote Turkish lyrics for Moreno's songs. Moreno played the role of "Sancho Pancho" in the musical L'Homme de la Mancha, written and staged by Jacques Brel and played the lead role. Dario Moreno has also appeared in 32 movies. Writer and director Kosta Kortidis; In 2015, he wrote most of the second act of the play for Dario Moreno, showing his love and great loyalty to Dario Moreno in the play “Disabled Retired Astronomer Hüseyin Çineli”, which he directed by taking the stage at Cef Theater in the same year. In the same play, Moreno gave the audience a standing ovation by using the artist's visuals and some of his songs. The author Kortidis gave Dario Moreno his real name (David Arugete) in the play's tag.


He died on December 1, 1968 at Istanbul Yeşilköy Airport. He fell to the ground, remaining in blood after his discomfort, after he was late for his game to be premiered in Paris and his plane to go to the "Turkish Night", which will be held for the first time in Paris, and his blood pressure rose after an argument with the officer at the airport. Moreno, a hypertensive patient, was taken to the hospital after this discussion, but according to the statement of the doctor who did the first intervention in the hospital, he died when he came to the hospital. Dario Moreno, who died in Istanbul, bequeathed to be buried in Izmir. However, after his death, his mother Madam Roza, who had settled in Israel from Izmir, took his son Dario Moreno to the graveyard in the city of Holon in Israel to be buried and was buried there.


Year Hood
1953 Môme vert-de-gris, La
Salaire de la peur, Le
Deux de l'escadrille
1954 Quai des blondes
Femmes s'en balancent, Les
Mouton à cinq pattes, LA
1956 Forgive us our trespasses
1957 Feu aux poudres, Le
Eye for an Eye
Everyone can kill me
1958 Incognito
1959 Femme et le pantin, La
Oh! What mambo
Nathalie, secret agent
Voulez-vous danser avec moi?
1960 Candide ou l'optimisme au XXe siècle
Rivolta degli schiavi, La
Touchez pas aux blondes
Marie des Isles
1961 Tintin et le mystère de la Toison d'Or
1962 Lustige Witwe, Die
1963 Femmes d'abord, Les
No contact a la ley
Tout pour le tout, Le
Bon roi Dagobert, Le
1964 Dernier tierce, Le
1965 Saintes cheries, Les
Tell me who kill
1966 Saint prend l'affût
Hotel Paradiso
1968 Prisonnièr to


  • Granada - Adios Amigos
  • Bossa Nova
  • Calypso
  • Coconut
  • My dear İzmir
  • Si Tu Vas A Rio / Viens
  • Long Bose
  • Moreno PoyPoy
  • Mulata Eat Eat
  • Memories Become Imaginary / Olam Neck Victim
  • Tropical Dario
  • Oh Que Dario
  • Sea and Moonlight


  • 1958 Grand Prix Du Disque (Plaque Award)
  • 1969 Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dario Moreno Turkey is a big award at the embassy in France Esin Afsar and Jacques Brel bought.
  • The singer Gianluigi di Franco received the Golden Hittite award, which was put in memory at the Mediterranean music contest on the night of October 1988, 6.
  • Oeil Pour received the best supporting actor award in France with the film Oeil (Eye for an Eye).

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