Google Maps Tracking Feature Added

A feature that made Google Maps a social network was released yesterday by Google. This feature, which allows users to follow each other and share their locations, is a feature that completely changes the Google Maps experience. It is now possible to follow the profile of your friend or family member to learn about the places he traveled and experienced!

Thanks to apps like Foursqure and Swarm, people could check in where they went and share their location with their friends on those platforms. Now this feature has come to Google Maps. Users can now track where each other is. So Google Maps can now be used as a social network.

Google Maps Profile Page

Google Maps' new feature brings a profile page to the app. Users can view who they follow and who follow them on this profile page. Even users can create a short description for themselves. To find the Google Maps profile page, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Google Maps App on your mobile
  2. Click on the round profile area in the upper right corner
  3. Click the 'Your Profile' link from the drop-down menu
your google maps profile
your google maps profile

User profiles can be hidden in the new feature of Google Maps. Google Maps users can determine who can follow them. In this way, the privacy of the users is provided. It may be to your advantage to keep your profile hidden against unwanted situations. Your profile setting page will look like the following.

google maps levent ozen
google maps levent ozen

You can share your profile page on social networks from the link on the top right of your profile page. RayHaber Please use my personal Levent Özen profile for photos and comments on behalf of which I contributed. from this link you can follow! Also, if you are a Google Maps guide, your level of guidance, photos and comments that you upload will be displayed on your profile.

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