Who is Levent Kırca?

Zeki Levent Kırca (September 28, 1950, Ladik, Samsun - October 12, 2015, Istanbul), Turkish comedian, theater and film actor. He was a writer for Aydınlık Newspaper and a member of the Central Executive Board of the Vatan Party. The artist has 4 children, two of them from his first wife and two of them from Oya Başar. 33. Turkey began to be given by the government on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture awarded the title of State Artist in 1998, 63 artists, this title was taken back by the Government of Turkey.


He appeared on the stage for the first time in 1964 at the Ankara State Theater. He worked at Ankara Birlik Theater and Halk Actors. Nasreddin Hoca Play Train, What Would You Do If You Were ?, How to Play This Game ?, Get Health !, What Happens What Not? He went to the cinema in 1978 with the movie Altınşehir. What will happen now? and Mavi Muammer. He founded the Theater Group called Hodri Meydan Community. He performed the plays “Beauty and the Beast” and “Les Miserables” with his ex-wife Oya Başar. Three Fathers Hasan performed the plays called Kadinciklar. He prepared the television program named Olacak Odar, which started in 1988 and lasted for 22 years. He made his film directing debut with the movie Son. Later, he directed the movie titled Devil's Where is It. In 98, in a statement by Işılay Saygın, Kırca, who used the words '' I am 52 years old and still a virgin '' with the analogy of 'Unperforated Filter' in the program 'That Will Be So Long', was sued by Sagın. And he closed Kanal D for a day with a complaint to Rtük, and Kırca went on a hunger strike. Deniz Baykal ended her hunger strike after she promised to carry the issue to the Parliament. The Daily Telegraph, one of the UK's newspapers about the incident, summed up the incident with the headline 'Comedian is on a hunger strike because of a sex joke'. About what happened in Kırca, "We even played the Chief of General Staff Karadayı. He called us and congratulated us. "I can't digest the closure of the channel I'm working on because of me."

In the jokes made in 2000, the court stated that it was concluded that Saygın was attacked on his personal rights, and sentenced Kırca to pay 6 billion lira moral compensation and 118 million lira financial compensation.

1998. Turkey in 33 with the government on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture, which began to be worthy of the title of State Artist Kırca have seen this title was taken back in April 2015. He is one of the rare Turkish artists who has a statue at the Saint Petersburg Beeswax Sculptures Museum, and in 2011 he started the comedy series called The Contrabass That My Wife Plays Sayed, but since he could not get a rating, the series lasted for 4 episodes and ended.

Non-acting career

Levent Kırca was a candidate for the Mayor of Üsküdar from the Democratic Left Party for the March 2009 Municipal Elections; but he could not win by taking the 4th place. Since 2011, he has been a columnist in Aydınlık newspaper, and in January 2013 he became the General Manager of the National Channel, then the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and most recently announced his candidacy from the Workers Party to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the Local Administrations Elections held on 30 March 2014. It ranked 15.232th with 0.2 (8%) votes.


He died in Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital at 2015 on the night of 12 October 2015, where he was receiving chemotherapy treatment due to liver cancer he was caught in 02.40. His funeral was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery after the funeral prayer at Levent Mosque on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.


Year Hood role Notes
1978 Stone Earth Golden City Ökkeş First motion picture
1979 What will happen now Orhan
1985 Blue Muammer Muammer
2000 You die from laughing Nebahat
2001 Conclusion Actor, screenwriter and director
2002 Where is the devil in this Actor and director
2004 Let Yourself Go Maid
Ağa Daughter Osman Aga-Hasan Aga
2010 Last station Last motion picture
TV Series
Year Hood role Notes
1986-2010 So Much Screenwriter and producer
2011 The contrabass my wife said and played

Some theater plays 

  • Kadincik on
  • Where the Fire Has Struck
  • Taurus Monster
  • Three Fathers Hasan
  • Sefiller
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • How to Play the Game

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