Who is Metin Akpınar?

Metin Akpınar (born November 2, 1941, Istanbul), Turkish actress. He was educated at Pertevniyal High School. He then graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters.

Ulvi Uraz theater in 1964 as the first "I Close My Eyes I Do My Duty" game to the professionals who signed the Akpinar, which is Turkey's first cabaret theater in 1967 Ostrich Cabaret Theater was among the founders. He was the administrative director of the theater from the moment it was founded until it closed. The artist, who has also made many films, is known for his social comedy films he played with Zeki Alasya.

Played Theater Games 

Ulvi Uraz Theater

  • I Close My Eyes, Do My Duty

Ostrich Cabaret Theater

  • I Close My Eyes, Do My Duty
  • Homeland Savior Shaban
  • Astronaut Niyazi
  • This Land
  • households
  • Kesanlı Ali Epic
  • I Close My Eyes, Do My Duty
  • Get Love
  • Fools
  • Nights
  • Prohibitions
  • Beyoglu Beyoglu
  • Ads
  • Yesterday Today


Movie Year Role
Confused 2018 Ismet Dede
The Road to Home 1914 2006 Resat Agha
Low Heat 15 Minutes 2006 prophet
Americans in the Black Sea 2 2006 Mukhtar Salih
Dongel Karhanesi 2005 Bertan
Roof Door (Hüsnü) 2005 Husni
Makeover Bride 2004 Tavid
Lorkestr to 2002 Rahmi
Russian Bride 2002 Groom candidate
Abuzer Kadayif 2000 Abuzer Kadayif / Ersin Balkan
The Reign of the Owls 2000 Ahmet
Güle Güle 1999 Winner
Propaganda 1999 Rahim
I eat you 1998 Mehmet
We Are Like Us 1992 Text
Enemy of Honor 1986 Ali
Don't let the boss hear 1985 Text
Wrong number 1985 Erol
Intruder 1983 Rusty / Halim
Ferris wheel 1983 Text
Trouble-maker 1982 Text
Do not joke 1981
Wow What Happened to Us 1979 Text
Corner Grab 1979 Halis
Oil Kings 1978 Text
Jafer's ordeal 1978 Refic
Pointed Smarts 1977
Lion Bacanak 1977 Halim
Hasip and Nasip 1976 Hasip
A Lion Lies in Every Heart 1976 Danyal
Where Are These Men Looking 1976 Text
Laugh or cry 1975 Text
Where did this kid come from? 1975 Text
Can You Give Five Million Loan 1975 Text
Longing 1974
Inherited 1974 Text
Blue bead 1974 Suleiman
I Arrived From The Village To The City 1974 wonder
Idiot Millionaire 1974 wonder
Oh get it 1973 Doctor Text
Dear Bro 1973 Kanci Mehmet
False Half 1973 Mahmut
My sweet tongue 1972 Text


Dizi Year Role
Love Does Not Understand 2016 Hasmet Dede
States of Love 2012 Sabri
Daisy 2009-2011 Butcher Necati
Roof Door 2005 Host Hüsnü
I eat you 1998 Şahin
Hospital 1993 Nursing Rights Baharbahçe

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